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hello sir,i m 20 years old..i am facing problems regarding hearing.i have hereditaryy low hearing problems. i cannot hear at public place properly.i don't want to use hearing aids,, sir please suggest me ayurvedic medicine or yoga so i can improve my low hearing.

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As you feel that you are not able to listen or hear properly and especially in crowd, that could be one hereditary problem as you suspected, and there could be many other related causes. Hearing problem can be divided into two types, conductive hearing deficiency, and central hearing deficiency. If your hearing problem is connected with any conductive system that is from external ear and middle ear and with ossicles or bones of ears. If your hearing impairment is something related to central nervous system, then it is something difficulty to cure. If you want to avoid hearing aids, you can try to rejuvenate the hearing capacity by using better Ayurvedic medicines and that can be: Package Medicine that contains there types of tablets and you can take one-one from each twice after food followed by lukewarm water.

You can practice Sarvangasana, Suryanmaskara, Halasana, Anulomaviloma Pranayama, Bramari Pranayama which are helpful in your condition.

Diet wise, you need to follow some extra nutrients or in the form of supplements which are helpful in your health condition. You can have dry fruits and dry nuts and even fresh fruits as such without juice.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 24 June 2015

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