Lower back pain

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Female,Age 43 yrs,severe lower back pain,suffering from last 4 months,Gall Bladder operation done 18 years back,married.During sleep at night pain increases,but while in walking position no pain at all.No appetite.Sometimes gas forms.Doctor prescribed Lumbar spondylosis. Medicine taken RabletD and Miofree. She is doing Exercise.But no improvement.BP 117/90,pulse rate 64 to 70.Menstrual 2 days stable.

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Hi,back pain in ayurveda is referred to as Kati shool,in this disease vata dosha is aggravated,so we have to pacify it.she can do pawanmuktasan in the morning.Take these medicines as prescribed1Maharasnadi kashayam 3tsf mixed with 12tsf warm water 1hr before food twice daily 2 dhanwantaram 101caps 1cap each twice daily 3shankha bhasam 500 mg /cap 1 cap twice daily ,both2,3 along with kashayam.4 tryodashang guggul 1tab after food twice daily 5 ajmodadi churan 1tsf a/f twice daily 6mahanarayan oil for local application,after applying oil do the fomentation with hot wet towelDo no eat spicy food ,curd ,urad daal,bread,pickles,arbi,cauliflower,potato,cold drinks,and the things that cause gas.Weight is not mentioned here,if fat then weight loss has to be done.in panchkarma ,Kati vasti and potli massage can be done.

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