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Hi Doctor, I'm 30 years old and I just got married. I have a same problem a lot of men do now days. I cannot last long during sex probably 2 mins max. I do get a erectile, but it does not last that long. After few mins my penis looses strength and goes down. I want to have a good sex and satisfy my wife. Can you please advise what medicines to take in order to have a sex for a long time and have a good erectile so my penis can stay hard. I was reading about Titanic K2 and I do not know if this medicine is worth taking or if you advise me with any medicine. Please get back to my question. Thank you

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As you feel and suspect, now a days there are many people including women and men are suffering from sexual dysfunction or so called sexual disorders. This is mainly due to present generation where most of them are work-bounded and works on target oriented basis where people suffer from stress, anxiety, and external factors like pollution of all variants like smoke pollution, sound pollution, water pollution, and habits like smoking, alcohol, and too much consumption of inorganic foods. These factors are common nowadays in even small towns. In your cases, this is what happening or one or two among these factors or more than two factors which is leading to erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation that has to be taken care of. I can say, or doctors can elicit erectile dysfunction and different ways, and in my way, I would ask you whether you have morning erection or not which you can reply. However, presuming that you are suffering from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, it is better to follow certain medications which are helpful such as Package Medicine for Premature Ejaculation or Organic O Joy Capsule, are helpful for your condition.

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Dr. Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 7 December 2012


Dr. Vijay,

Thanks for the reply. As far as morning erection yes I do get morning erection not daily, but I do get it. My main problem is I cannot last long during sex and do not get a good hard erection. Please advise what medicine to take for these issues. Also, what is your view on Titani K2 and also one package called Sexual Problem in Men This Package is useful in Premature Ejaculation, General Debility due to Sexual intercourse / Masturbation and it increases sexual desire?

Thank you!

posted by Aj22222 on 8 December 2012

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