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I am a 38 years old woman..y weight is around 63kgs..I had one lump on my scalp around 10 yrs back. Later 3..4 came..I did homeopathy for a year no difference.. now I have around 17..18..all over my scalp and increasing in size also..allopath have suggested surgery. Which I am avoiding ..I met a doctor at patanjali chikatsalaya he suggested kaishore gugglu..arogayavardhinivati and vridhivatika vati..I'm having since one month..he said its please suggest should I continue with these medecines...please help me..I really want yo get rid of these lumps on my scalp..

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Multiple Lumps on scalp can arise due to many causes but generally they are harmless and most likely to be Lipomas composed of fats & easily movable, mostly they are painless. So the advice of patanjali doctor is correct to use Patanjali Kaishore guggulu, Arogyavardhini vati and vridhivadhika vati, but there is one very important ayurvedic medicine which you can add for dissolving lumps "kanchanar guggulu". It has worked for many patients with lump problems and you will see good results within 1 month of consuming it. It can be taken 2 tablets in morning and in evening.

Apart from this do kapalabhati pranayama in the morning for 15 minutes, this is very useful for dissolving any extra growth in body.

posted by Dr.Gulati on 16 May 2020

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