My son age is 1.5 years

shrishesh, 29 August 2016 19:13  this question feed

suffering from biols,one heels another again start in his head ,feet, back and feeling fever

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Ayurvedic Medicine

Boil is seen when a red lump in the skin gets infected. It causes swelling, blisters and mild raise in temperature. Help him drink enough water and also avoiding to scratch will be beneficial so that scars can be avoided.

Ayurvedic medicines like Divya Mahamanjishtharistha, and Divya Nimb Ghan Vati can be taken for a month and reviewed.

Include snake gourd, turmeric, tulsi, garlic, onion, mint and ginger while cooking. Reduce excess dairy products, chocolates, meat, sweet, salt, spicy and oily foods. Wearing cotton clothes will be beneficial so that it will not irritate the skin. Maintaining personal hygiene by taking showers, keeping the blisters dry and clean will be beneficial. Good sleep and sleep will be needed.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 17 March 2017

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