Namaste.. Im suffering acidity and sinus throat problem since 3 year this question feed

Puneetdvn, 23 June 2020 2:03

Respect guruji,

Im suffering from acidity problem and sinus issue from 3years. I have anticids ppi daily like somprazL razoL everyday. Im very fedup with this.

Secondly i have sinus issue also my nose gets dry and stuffy every second day. And with this i get mouth ulcer frequently. And throat pain also.

My whole system is upside down. Please suggest. Im very stressed about this.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Ayurvedic medicine for Acidity

  • Patanjali avipattikar churna is the best ayurvedic churna and very safe to use for acidity problems. Dosage is consume 1 tsp of avipattikar churna half an hour before lunch and dinner or when ever you feel acidity.

  • Divya Triphala churna 1 tsp before bed time in night with lukewarm water to detoxify your digestion system and internal cleansing.

Ayurvedic medicine for Sinus

  • Divya Anu Tel - Put 1 drop in each nostril twice a day to get relief in sinus.

Yoga / Pranayama for sinus & Acidity

  • Bhastrika pranayama - 5 minutes
  • Kapalbhati - 15 minutes
  • Anuloma viloma - 15 minutes
posted by YogaGuru on 25 June 2020


Swamiji, I have Sinus, Throat discomfort, acidity, and gets sour eructations (dakar) many times in a day. I practice Bhastrika, kapal bhati pranayam 150 times, bahya pranayam 3 times, udgeet pranayam 5 times, anulom vilom 10 mins. But i dont see any change in the above mentioned health problems. Could you please help me out
posted by satish22 on 2 July 2020
Sir, I am suffering from sinus & now doctor had adviced me for operation. I face severe sneezing problem & headache because of this. Pls suggest is there any ayurvedic medicine to cure this problem permanently. Thanks
posted by RiteshBansal47 on 2 July 2020
Namaskar ji Meri umar 28 saal hai, mere sar ke baaal kaafi kam ho gaye hai aur sar ke upar ke bhi kaafi kam ho gaye hai ,muzhe cough bachpan se rehta hai aur sinus ki problem bhi hai , mere kaano mein jukaam ke samaya aisa lagta hai ki jaise ismein paani chal raha hai aur sar ke pichle hisse mein kaafi bhari pan rehta hai, muhze constipation bhi bahooot hai, aur mere sharir mein kaafi jagah moti moti gaanthe ban gai hai ,mai kaafi samay se ilaaz kar raha hoo par yeh thik nahi hua hai kabhi bhi , mai yog bhi karta raha hoo par fir bhi thik nahi hua hai , muzhe din bhar aalas aata rehta hai aur kuch kaam karne ka dil nahi karta hai , raat ko thik se neend nahi aati hai , muzhe baalon se lekar mere cough aur sharir ki gaantho ka ilaaz bataiye plz plz plz ...mai bahoot pareshhan ho gaya hu
posted by Saadhak45 on 2 July 2020

Guru ji do i have to take allopathy medicine for acidity in morning with avipattikar churan?

posted by Puneetdvn on 26 June 2020

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