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What are the uses of Bhumi amla or Phyllanthus amarus/niruri?

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From the information given here it is seen that you have reached the final stage of liver cirrhosis. This is the reason why doctor has opted for surgery.

In ayurveda there are several medicines available which helps in fighting against liver disorders. However all medicines are suitable for use only at the initial stage of cirrhosis and is found to be of no effect as the amount of scar tissues has piled up to the maximum blocking entire liver function. Such conditions are said as "hardly treatable" or krichrasadhya and surgery is the only option left for well being and longevity of the patient.

Thus i would recommend you to take the safe side and go for surgery than opting for alternative treatment at this stage. The more delay you make in surgery, the worser could be the outcome of your health status.

posted by Dr.Sony on 20 March 2014


Alcoholic liver disease is the most common cause of cirrhosis and the inflammation results in scarring. It is the third highest disorder indicated for transplantation. This impacts the flow of blood in the liver which increases the problem. So when the liver is damaged severely, it will be indicated for transplantation. At this stage, the effect of Ayurvedic medicines will not be enough to control the symptoms or improve the function of the liver.

Anyhow to take Ayurvedic medicines it can be decided by consulting an Ayurvedic doctor with all your blood test reports and other investigations. Phyllanthus niruri can be taken after discussing with the doctor. Your history with eating habits, drinking alcohol and its quantity and duration, your age, level of failure of the liver, your current complaints are all necessary to prescribe medications.

Eat cooked and easily digestable foods. Use moderate protein, low carbohydrates. Avoid using oil, salt, fat. Take good rest with proper sleep.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 13 March 2014


From your query it seems that you have already reached the final stage of cirrhosis. Liver has got a very special ability to regenerate even from a small part of its normal tissue. Until and unless, your liver have damaged fully, no doctor will recommend you for a transplant.

So my personal advice is also to do the same as in this stage it is too difficult to cure it with ayurveda. There are many ayurvedic formulations to enhance the functioning of liver but this stage is too late to get it corrected.Though there are some limitations in Ayurveda, you may start consuming few medicines by consulting an Ayurvedic doctor near by you, you may consider consuming Cytozen which will help to maintain functioning of liver up to some extent.

You may also follow home remedies like using Plantain Pith juice early in the morning in empty stomach would also help and the dosage would be 150 ml in empty stomach.

However you can start practicing yoga and meditation with a healthy diet now, at least to prevent any further complications arising from it under a proper guidence.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 12 March 2014

I m sufferin from liver alcohal doctor advised for transplant.but i can't afford iwant to know its remidies in aurveda .please tell me about it

posted by rajesbz on 5 March 2014


posted by rgupta75 on 2 September 2012

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