Paralysis stroke at age of 70+

Aman.gupta, 20 January 2013 16:52  this question feed

Hi My father is 70 years old, he got paralyzed n may-2012 right side of body due to blood clot in mind , Health test done for BP, Sugar, ure all test are Good no abnormal result fund in body yet he is suffering not able to stand and move his right hand and leg. Can u please tell me where can we get result oriented treatment. Since 3 months physiotherapist doing physiotherapy but we are not seeing result.

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Dear AmanWe understand the concern for your father.Although physiotherapy is not showing results,Keep the sessions going on. Frankly at this age recovery is not speedy and to say the least ,its not always full. But we can always make efforts.

You need to locate a PANCHKARMA facility neat you, as this will help and benefit for your father.There are many procedure in PANCHKARMA which will be beneficial for you.Herbal oil enema, Oiling and Herbal steam will be very good.

Also you may take Paralysis Ayurvedic Medicines,it contains special medicine for Paralysis and related problems.

Also give him Castor oil as it will help clear channels .

we hope full recovery of your father,

posted by Dr.Sharma on 22 January 2013

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