Patanjali Divya Arshkalp Vati For Piles and Fissure

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Patanjali Arshkalp Vati is a effective ayurvedic medicine for Piles & Fistula from Baba Ramdev.

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Ayurvedic Medicine

Patanjali Arshkalp Vati is useful in Ano-rectal diseases like piles, fissure, fistula etc. These disorders are mainly caused by indigestion. Long time indigestion results in general body weakness & specially irregular bowel habits. Constipation & loss of appetite are the root cause of anorectal diseases. Increased abdominal pressure in pregnancy, abdominal tumors etc, portal hypertension, liver diseases, constipation & irregular bowl habits precipitate piles or hemorrhoids. Piles or hemorrhoids can controlled easily in early stages & generally there is no need of surgery.

Ingredients of divya arshkalp vati

Rasanjana or pure Rasaunt, Haritaki or Jangh Harad, seeds of sweet variety of Nimba (Bakayan), bark of soap-nut, traditional Karpura (camphor), Kaharava (amber), Khuna-kharaba (dragon's blood), Kakamaci (makoy), Ghrita-kumari, Naga-dauna.

Therapeutic benefits

Useful in both types of piles viz., bleeding piles & dry piles; relieves related complications like pain, burning sensation & colic pain.Protects fistula-in-ano if taken for some days regularly.

Administration and dosage

To be taken with butter-milk or water on empty stomach in the morning & in the evening before dinner.

1-2 tablets, twice a day, depending upon the seriousness of the disease.Piles symptoms

Alternative medicine for piles

Better not to take non-vegetarian food.Take plenty of butter milk (chaas) for reducing piles problem.Avoid becoming overweight & lose weight if you are.Eat a high fibre diet, include plenty of fruits & vegetables & whole grain. Exercise regularly.Application of a hemorrhoidal cream to the affected area, ice packs, or warm baths several times a day in plain water for 10 minutesYou can take Triphala Churna daily 1 teaspoon along with warm water at bed time.We recommend you to take DIVYA ARSHA KALPA VATI with alovera juice regularly to get relief in piles & associated symptoms like pain, itching & bleeding from anus.

Yoga for piles

Do simple pranyams like kapalbhati daily to increase peristaltic movements naturally. A regular course of these safe ayurvedic medicines will give you complete relief in piles & other anorectal diseases & improve your digestion.

It is available in : 40 grams packaging

posted by YogaGuru on 8 July 2020


sir,my father is suffering from piles & my mother is suffering from varicose vein problem in both the legs.plz tell about the perfect treatment.please reply as early as possible.thank you.[/quote]
posted by jaya12 on 12 July 2020
Baba ji ko pranam i am suffering from piles whenever i go for toilet it starts bleeding and then causes pain for the whole day. I am 23 yrs old girl please tell me its cure and prevention.pls help me
posted by bindujain1 on 12 July 2020
Shri Swami Ji Please tell me gharelu and non gharelu Upchar of Pain Piles I will be very thank to you
posted by SUNIL49 on 12 July 2020
hari omm swamiji, recently my father having a problem with stool. he used to do fast once in a week . when he do fast, next day he has very hard stool. this thing go like 2-3 weeks and so now he has a problem at piles area. he already had piles operation 5 years ago. after operation he was doing very well. but for last month he has problem with stool place swealon and his skin over there is comming out some time during stool time. and due to that he not feel good in body, also some time he feel fever for few hours. this week he has little high b.p. problem too. would you please give me some advice how to solve this swealon problem and his fewer problem he is very regular in pranayam for last 2-3 years. so, physically he is in good shape. but this is first time happen after 5 years. and he also lose some weight too. please give some ayurvedic medicine guideline if needed. so I can buy it and give him proper treatment. ------------------------------------------------- for my self. : As I had talk with you before swamiji, I had a flu 6 month ago and after that I been coughing for long time. some time I had wishiling sound comming out due to breath or cough. so, I visit my family doctor and he tried couple medicine. It didn\'t work properly. finally my doctor told me that I have alergic cough. so, I tried alergy tablets for month. but whenever I take that it gives me releaf completly. just for 2 days. and it come back. finally I start doing kapalbhati and bhrami, anulom vilom pranayams. and give me good result. I am out of this problem by 70%. but still some time it give me problem in morning when I wake up. Please give me advice on this problem regarding ayurvedic medicine and some more pranayam yogas. swamiji, you advice me earlier to do kumbhak pranayam. But it was hard for me to do it. Is any other pranayam or yoga for me which I can do it comfertably. Please send me your advice on my father issue and for me too as early as you can. one more thing is .........we are living in, if we want to order medicines from your website. does my credit card is the best way to use it. Or I have to pay by certified check or money order. I will wait for your guideline. Hari Omm. Ankit
posted by ankit13 on 12 July 2020
posted by MRSDIPTIMANDAL47 on 12 July 2020
i have several problems imy life i start as in one morning i just masturbated in wet dreams i just got up and was shocked then i got in a fear that i got hiv aids and every morning i got this habit. i now just started to like masturbatin even when i was sick and got asthama i masturbated my fear of getting hiv got worse and i started rejected my health problems and still i masturbated for quite long i coulndt sleep for whle night i have lost my whole health problems fearing to do a blood test also i have lost all my functions of my body and start living a life where there is only tention and fear i dont feel my heart anymore i couldnt fell my immune system i couldnt feel mry brain nerves i am in deep trouble i couldnt feel my liver as i rejected all health problems i also had piles but still i didnt go to doctor today
posted by manojshah41 on 11 July 2020
NAMASKAR,siryesterday,I told u i am suffring from ibs far last 8 years and i have lost my 20 kg weight and u prefer me some medicines Divya triphal;choorna,Divya chitrak adivati but sir i would like to tell u still my condition is very AwfulMy symtoms are:undigestion,diarrhea,constipation,diarrhea alternating with constipation,bloating,generalweakness and far last 3 years i have a piles problem i often feel very sad i can\'t go out with my friends i cannot eat with other people and everytime i feel very alone.i have treated top gastroenterologist in my city even i treated CMC ludhina my all tests normal and doctors told me u don\'t have any problem its a physicaly disorder u just change your lifestyle & u need to change ur eating habits sir please tell me what should i do,can i do any yog or pranayama if yes , tell me which one.i am very thankfull to u.
posted by gaurav46 on 11 July 2020
resp. Guruji,I m 42 years old. I am having the piles problem from last 1 month. aA lump comes out of anus while defeacating and its very painful. please suggest some excercise and medicines. thank u.
posted by ChitraSharma26 on 11 July 2020
respected guruji. i convey my regards & namaskar to father in law is a lung cancer patient.ditected in26/04/08,then three cycle of chemo therapy,then surgery on 30/07/08,againchemo therapy,recurrence shown,then oral chemo given16/03/08,again recurrence occured,oral chemo with radiation adviced on 22/07/09.we are not interested to give him radiation.please advice me what to do ?and my mother is a piles patient she can\'t take alopathy medicines.i would like to request you if you kindly attend thease two patients it will be grace to me. with regards debasish roy
posted by debasishroy27 on 10 July 2020
Swamiji Pranam, Mujhe piles thik karne ke liye upay bataiye.
posted by Hemant35 on 10 July 2020
dear sir, i m 30 year old man.before 4 month i suffer for bleeding piles.suggested by your doctor in bhopal i take medician 1.triphala guggul 2.divya arogyavardhani 3.divya saptvisantiguggul 4.divya arshkalp vati 5.abhiyarishta but i can not releaf pile
posted by prithvi15 on 10 July 2020

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