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Patanjali yoga seems to be very popular these days, can I get more information on patanjali yoga?

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Not only today but from ancient times Patanjali yoga has been in Indian text like Vedas, Upanishad, Geeta and Puranas. Yoga is a very important word in the Indian philosophy. According to Maharishi Patanjali propagator of Yoga philosophy control on senses is known as yoga. Internal mind is known as chitta. sound, beauty, ras, smell and touch related thinking waves continuously haunt the internal mind or a situation of desire, anger, attachment, greed, fear, jealousy etc. remains . this situation of desires & thinking waves is known as vriti. When these sound related waves and desire related situations contradict that is they stop occurring then this situation of internal mind is known as Patanjali yoga.

Maharishi Patanjali while explaining Ashtaang Yoga containing Yam Niyam Asana Pranayaam, pratyahaar, dahrna, dhyan, Samadhi

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