Pcos and diabetes type 2

Pink2011, 26 April 2013 2:02  this question feed

Hi doctor, we have been trying for over 7 years. Recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes with blood over 20. On tablets to control which is slowly going down. Have tried ivf but unfortunately not successful. Welcome your advice.

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So i assume that you trying to concieve and is having diabetes.I would like to know several things on you as of "What age are you" "What was the doctor's statement of ivf getting failed and so on". As far as diabetes is concerned we have cure for diabetes if the condition is mild. But on you i would like to know what the blood report was telling. At what stage are you in diabetes 2 and so on.

When you write to me next time , i truely believe that i will have all these ansewers from your side.

posted by Dr.Sony on 27 April 2013

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