Ramdev medicines for Piles

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What are the Ramdev medicines for Piles?

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HelloThanks for the inquiry.In the case of Piles, constipation should be avoided at any cost. Fruits, vegetables,soups,fiber rich diet and salads should be included in diet.The main medicines for piles are-

(1)Divya Arsha Kalpa Vati-This is good for both bleeding and non-bleeding piles. It also cures the associated complaints of piles like pain, burning sensation etc.Dosage-1 tab twice a day taken with butter milk or water in empty stomach in the morning and before dinner.

(2)Divya Triphala churna- 2tsp daily at bed time

(3)Divya samptavimshati guggulu-1 or 2 tabs twice daily after meals(4)Divya Mahayogaraja guggulu- 1 or 2 twice daily after meals.

(5)Divya Udara kalpa choorna-1 tsp with warm water before sleep

(6)Lavana Bhaskara Churna- 2 tsp with water or buttermilk twice daily after meals. It is good for flatulence,indigestion and piles.

If it is bleeding piles the following medicines also should be considered.(1)Divya Praval pishti- 500mg with luke warm milk twice a day.

(2)Divya Kutajarishta- 25ml twice daily after food

(3)Kasisadi tail for external application on piles

(4)Switz bath with Dashmool kwath mixed with a pinch of Divya Sphatik bhasm.

posted by Dr.Jilsy on 12 July 2013


iam suffering with piles i think this is 3rd time it accured since 5 yrs iam of 27 yrs old, i want the permanent treatment for piles, there is bleeding only inflamation that to without itching but makes me to feel discomfort like beraing some weight from the anal place...plz suggest me permanent treatment and duration, cost of treatment

posted by dare2pair on 20 September 2016

Ano-rectal diseases like piles, fissure, fistula etc are all caused by indigestion. Long time indigestion results in general body weakness and specially irregular bowel habits. Constipation and loss of appetite are the root cause of anorectal diseases. Increased abdominal pressure in pregnancy, abdominal tumors etc, portal hypertension, liver diseases, constipation and irregular bowl habits precipitate piles or hemorrhoids. Piles or hemorrhoids are completely curable in early stages and generally there is no need of surgery. Though there are latest techniques for anorectal surgeries but relapse do occur. We recommend you to take DIVYA ARSHA KALPA VATI with divya alovera juice regularly to get relief in piles and associated symptoms like pain, itching and bleeding from anus. Take light home made meals only. Increase fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fiber rich diet and increased water intake will cure constipation and give relief in piles. Do simple pranyams like kapalbhati daily to increase peristaltic movements naturally. A regular course of these safe ayurvedic medicines will give you complete relief in piles and other anorectal diseases and improve your digestion. So take these medicines regularly for almost three to four months for best results.

Avoid becoming overweight and lose weight if you are. Eat a high fibre diet, include plenty of fruits and vegetables and whole grain. Exercise regularly. Application of a hemorrhoidal cream to the affected area, ice packs, or warm baths several times a day in plain water for 10 minutes. For bleeding piles you can take Divya Arshakalp Vati and you can take constipation reliever medicine for the time being. Take plenty of butter milk, and add 1 teaspoon of Divya Triphala Churna along with butter milk.

posted by Swami ramdev on 13 February 2010

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