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Namaskaram Guru garu,

right from my childhood days I have a severe problem that small tiny heat boil kind of stuff develops with itching and irritation and very soon it turns worst on around my lips which looks very nasty and at the age of 35 it still continues. Please tell me is this a communicable disease, if so please suggest me a good medicine for this.

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Depending on your given complaint, it seems you have a kind of heat boils that may be due to excess heat in your body or Pitta in ayurveda.

This happens by genetic nature also or even this kind of skin complaint do occur in irregular food habits also.If there is any allergies, that should be ruled out accordingly by checking blood tests done.

Most of the times, the aggravation may happen when there is irregular food habits or irregular activities or taking too much stress in day-to-day life.

Hence, you are supposed to follow strict diet to prevent the symptoms as well.Avoid consuming spicy foods, oily foods, food items which causes excess heat in the body.

You can consume some internal medicines that improves immune mechanism and for the curative purposes.Arogyawardhini Vati can be consumed twice daily.Haridrakhand can be consumed 1tsp with milk .Neem Powder can be consumed for blood purification.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 10 August 2011

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