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Hello doctor ji, How as you ? My name is Geeta and I am 27 yrs. old.. Me and my husband are in relations for last 5-6 yrs and last year we got married..As u know, it is said when we had sexual relations for the first time, the girl’s hymen break and she starts bleeding, which shows her virginality, but when we both had sexual relations for the first time , I didnt bleed at that time…Although my husband tried many times but nothing happened…As we both know each other for last 5-6 yrs, my husband didn’t point finger on me and he trust me.. But I am worried, that why does this happen ? Why didn’t I bleed, although I am having relations for the first time… In intial stage I didn’t gave much importance to this issue, but now we are going to complete 1 year of our marriage and same problem is continuing?

Sir, I am very much worried.. Kindly tell me the reasons as why does this happen and does it affect in getting me pregnant ? is there any solution? is that mean , I am not virgin ? You will not believe doctor ji, negative type of thoughts come in my mind…Kya yeh bleeding hona , meri virginality ka proof ? If I am not bleeding this means I am not virgin ? and also tell me whether I will get preganant or not ?

I came know one more thing that due to mental tension also, girl’s hymen also break. Is it true ?

Thankyou, Waiting for your soonest and positive reply..

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First of all Girl's hymen has nothing to do with the pregnancy. Girl's hymen is a membrane that surrounds or partially covers the vaginal opening. So do not worry about hymen can effect pregnancy at all.

Secondly hymen can break itself as the Girl goes through physical changes and she might not notice at all. It is not possible to confirm that a girl is or is not a virgin by examining her hymen. Hymen can break from any kind of physical activities such as sports, cycling, stretching etc. Testing the Girl's virginity on the basis of Hymen is a prehistoric thought and not truth.

It is also possible that hymen breaks during menstrual cycles and bleeding occurs but the women would not know if the bleeding is from hymen or periods.

posted by YogaGuru on 3 July 2012


Baba ji parnam meri umar 24saal hai meri bachpan ki galtiyo k karan mera viriya patla hai is k liye.or mera ling bi shi parka se kada nahi hotamu j kuch upaye bato .rplay me.

posted by sandeepbanswal16 on 28 October 2013

sir how are you i am rajesh when i do sex with my wife too much liquid come to my pennis although we are doing sex since 4 months but my wife not pregnant then she start hitching when we do sex she has the problem of hitching when the period come every month my wife stay 4 to 5 days period not stop tell eme the reason why because of liquid too much come from my pennis

posted by priyankaat2014 on 5 September 2013

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