SGOT/SGPT liver test

romeochamp, 2 September 2012 19:22  this question feed

Dear Doctor After a otal liver test these two were not in the range. SGOT (39) (range should be: <38) SGPT (49) (range should be: <41) What should be done to remedy the problem?

Please advise Sir. Vikash From Mauritius

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Usually the liver function test gets hampered when there is irregular metabolism. As liver is a prime organ for maintaining proper metabolism, and in your case liver function test shows mild abnormalities and you have to protect your liver by following proper diet and lifestyle. If an individual is having habits like smoking, chronic alcoholism, or tobacco chewing, that may hamper liver function. If a person who consumes too much non-vegetarian food and oily foods may also suffer from liver abnormalities. So, you have to correct your lifestyle and food habits and check whether you are suffering from cholesterol abnormalities also.

Following medicines are helpful such as Arogyavardhini Vati, Livomap Tablets which are also helpful for the same condition.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 3 September 2012


Dr sahab my sgot 44 and sgpt 63,my age is 43,sir what are remedy I take,and what are eat food. My cholesterol level-252 and triglyceride-495 sir please suggest any remedy.thanks

posted by nawalpandey000 on 25 December 2016

Dear doctor. I have sgpt of 56. I don't smoke or drink alcoholic drink. Is taking a glutathione capsule for skin whitening will help improve or deteriorate my liver? Please advise. thanks Doctor

posted by lib_ce on 21 August 2013

Dear Doctor,I don't smoke, drink very rarely. But for the past two months i was have chiropratic treatment for prolapse disc...quite ok now. Along with this he used to give me plenty of supplements: organic india immunity, organic india lipid care, organic india liver-kidney care, brahmi, org india vitality, Nutri-West homocysteine redux, Nutri-West Total Para, Nutri-West Total Green and organic india Trikatu.Don't you think these herbal supplements that tampered with my liver. When i started the treatment SGOT/SGPT were normal. What is your opinion, Doctor? Can it be stress also, because i was too stressed before test.

Please advise.VikashMauritius

posted by romeochamp on 5 September 2012

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