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simmi90, 7 December 2013 21:09  this question feed

hello sir, mujhe 3 salo se pimple ki problm hai kai tarah ki medicine use kar li pr koi benefit nahi hua so pls suggest me apne face ke liye kya kru

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As you are suffering from acne problem which is common among teenage group where there are permanent and easy solutions in Ayurveda as well as natural remedies if you follow certain regimens promptly.First of all you need not to pick the pimples or pluck the pimples or acne with nails which is very dangerous and causes bacterial infection locally and further worsening the skin condition which is not all advisable. Do not manipulate the acne more frequently which is very common mistake being done by youth when they get pimples or acne. Usually due to irregular hormonal imbalances, due to pubertal changes, starting of secondary sexual characteristics, etc may aggravate pimples. If you are following certain veggie foods and low fat diets which will help you to protect from pimples and try to consume plenty of water and liquid diet that also helps you to cope up with these pimples.

You can take Nimb Ghan Vati and Diva Kayakalp Vati for blood purification and you can use Aloevera for external applications.

Do not wash with soaps or solutions more frequently when you have this acne problem, however, you can use fresh water for face wash.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 16 December 2013

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