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Hi, As per report of semen analysis I am not able to reproduce due to count of sperm in my semen. However the sperm is generating in a good amount but these are getting killed. So please suggest some good medicine to recover the problem. My Age:28Yrs

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Due to many factors such as internal and external factors, there may be changes in spermatogenesis, during this course if there is any hereditary issues, trauma, working environment, and various infections, varicocele etc are the causative factors.

Abnormal results in semen analysis may lead to infertility. Though, there are many factors affects fertility, if the acidity of semen and presence of white blood cells that indicates any illnesses do play major role.

In your case, as you mention that sperms are not surviving, however, you need to go for through check-ups and with the help of ayurvedic medicines and other system of Indian medicines and alternative therapies the problem can be treatable.

If you have any history of illnesses, you need to mention it and if you have history of tobacco chewing or smoking, that has to stop.

Regular yoga and pranayama are very helpful.

However follow strict balanced diet by avoid food items like spicy, oily etc., which may hamper spermatogenesis. Consume natural aphrodisiacs like milk, fruits, honey, eggs, vegetables, drumsticks, dry fruits and protein rich foods that are very helpful.Package medicine for oligospermia, Spermon Capsule, and Musali Power Extra are helpful medicines.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 30 September 2010

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