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pravee1moolera, 28 October 2010 20:06  this question feed

guruji.. i'm suffering from stammering.. Sometimes i can't talk properly with my neighbors,other time i can talk normally.. Most of all time i can't speaking starting letters from S,C,K,J.. Pls help me regarding this and is it curable or not., And waiting for ur reply..

thanks praveen

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Stammering or stuttering is a speech disorder in which persons repeats or prolongs words syllables or phrases.speech can be stopped in between and make no sound as well.There are chances that people can stammer due to any sort of stress, anxiety, fatique.Also when you become self conscious before going for any sort of presentation or public speaking. Being more nervous can also make you stammer.

It can develop lot of inferiority complexes as since you are not able to convey things to otehrs in a proper way can give you additional tensions. There will be rapid blinking of the eyes, trembling of the lips, rigid facial muscles, repetition of words etc.

Most of the times this can be inherited. Added with psychological factors as mentioned above and certain cases are linked with neurogenic as when the signals from the brain to the respective speech nerves are not functioning well .

It is ideal to have honey regularly which is good for brain.Additionally can takeVoees Syrup 15 ml twice daily.

Brahmi Ghritam 1 tsp in the morning with lukewarm water or with first morsal of the food.

posted by Dr.Smitha on 7 May 2014


Sir mera name kailash h or me or mera ak bhai h dono ki bachapan me shi boli aati ti lekin bad me dono hi haklane lg gye h age abi 21 sal hue h to palese me bhut presan hu muje koe upay btaye me sda aapka aabari rhunga

posted by kailashchandsiyak on 20 November 2016

sir, i am 40 year old having problem of stammering since childhood. i took many sessions from speech therapist and it help very less and most of time in practical world techniques of speech therapist do not work. i have taken many alopathic anti anxiety medicine but that also work very less. that now i am taking homeopathic medicine stromonium whcih also help me for short period. i am not getting any right person or path which can cure stammering problem. i have personal opinion that stammering is a neuro problem because some time i speak clearly without any hindrance but some time stuck on words and stammer. sir is there any remedy in actual of stammmering and if please let me know.

posted by ajaygoyal0112 on 7 February 2016

namste sir..meri age 20hai , m baatkrne me atak atakke baat krta hun.doosro se baat krne mdar lgta h ki m kahibeech m atak na jaun..par singing krte time mbilkul nhi atakt. m continuebaat nhi kar pata.i have stammering problem from mychildhood. what ido?. i m verytense..please adviceme...please please.....

posted by abhilashshende1 on 31 October 2014

sir, bachpan me nahi haklata tha, par ab kuchh dino 6-7 sal se bolne me stammering hoti hai mera age 22 hai. jaise koi koi word starting letter wala L,P,K,H,S,B,IS sab letter se starting wala word bolne me problem hoti hai..Please give me suggestion and medicine name..

posted by krsaurabh41 on 3 May 2014


Your given complaint is called as Stuttering or Stammering and it is a disorder that affects the flow of your speech and in your cases it is particular for few letters and reasons would be multiple such as stress, anxiety, or any other associated illnesses, even in few cases, there may be drug abuses.

If you are suffering from anxiety, stress, there may be aggravation of the symptoms and during that time, you will be having blinking eyes rapidly, lips, jaw may tremble etc.

The best therapy is speech therapy where you need particular expert training.

If there is any CNS involvement, particular treatment should be undergone. You can go for yoga and meditation, which is very helpful.There are herbal remedies that can be implemented with the following medicines such as applying vacha churnam 5 pinchs with ¼ teaspoon of honey early in the morning and chanting some Sanskrit slokas or tongue twister words will help a lot.

For more details, you can contact us.

With regards,Dr. Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 29 October 2010

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