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i am male 30 yrs old i have some stomach problem i feel that gas is always in my belly and pushed from in side and also i am having a problem belching even after going to toilet and my belch have quite bad smell few months before i have taken yauvna amrit for oligospermia do that can be the reason plz suggest

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There are many reasons for getting excess flatulence. If there is irregular consumption of food, and if not following proper intervals of the food timings, there may be formation of excess gases, that is due malabsorption and indigestion, and consumption of excess spicy, sour, or oily foods, there will be flatulence formation.

Hence, you need to correct the food and timings of the food and chew the food properly. For correcting the digestion, you can consume the medicines. Consume lukewarm water which is been boiled with dry ginger powder, which enhances digestion. There may no chances of getting flatulence by consuming Yauvanamritha vati.

Consume plenty of vegetables, green leafy vegetables, soups which are easily digestible and avoid oily foods, spicy and sour food items and avoid the foods which may cause excess gas in the stomach. Consume Amalaki Rasayana, Triphala Churna, for internal usage.

Amlapittantak Tablet can be consumed if you are having acidity.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 12 September 2011

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