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annu2232, 13 June 2020 15:57

Dear Doctor, My name is Pradip, I am 63 yrs, old male. I have sugar for the last 3-4 years but always it is in the limit. My sugar in fasting is 110 and after food, it is 195. I have itching problems which I am suffering for last 10 years. Itching start initially looks like prickly heat type but after itching that place became reddish and itching continue for 5-6 days. After that, it starts in another part of the body. Is there any link to itching with sugar? Kindly inform. Also please inform me the medicine for the above diseases. Any common medicine is available for both. Kindly suggest. Please suggest minimum medicines.

Thanks & Regards, Pradip 70######63

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namaste guruji....... mujhe soriasis ki problem hai.......bohot itching hoti hai......4sal se paresan hu....plz help kijiye.
posted by binny13 on 2 July 2020
Pranam, I get an itching sensation under my ear on the cheek immediately upon completion of a cell phone conversation sometimes. I stay in Kuwait now and intend to visit India during Novemebr this year. Till that time, please advise me how to minimize this sensation by any medication if possible. Thanks. Tushar
posted by TusharKantiMishra40 on 2 July 2020
Respected Ramdev ji, Pranam My mother who is around 56 years old a few weeks back had a laser opertaion in the eye as she was seeing 'floaters' or 'spots' in her vision. Since doctor has stated that she might get same problem later she is worried and wants to know whether you have any remedy for this. She is still seeing spots and also having itching feeling when she is outside home. Pls advice. Pranams Sumeet
posted by SnigdhaMahanti35 on 2 July 2020

Ayurvedic medicine for itching

KHADIRARISHTA is very good blood purifier & anti-bacterial medicine which is very beneficial in skin disorders and itching problems of all types. It eliminates microorganisms and toxins from the body and also cures other skin problems like acne, pimples and many other skin disorders cysts.

Kayakalp vati - This is also good ayurvedic medicine for all skin problems. This vati regenerates skin pigmentation and soothes itching disorder.

posted by Dr.Gulati on 25 June 2020

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