Thyphoid positive with no fever no consipation only little headache

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1 Age.... 32y male 2 Present medication ...3grm khubklan + 5 angir+5 mankye (dipped in water full night and meshed in grinder then eaten twice for 3 days) 3 Family medical history. ...previously father has thyphoid but ok now 4 Past illness...i have thyphoid in dec15 after that it recovered and now i have no symptoms only check to verify and it is positive 5 married 6 sleep ok bowel ok urine white diabetes no bp ok Please suggest

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Ayurvedic Medicine

Some them remain in a carrier state for typhoid having positive test for more than a year. It is usually monitored with regular checkups and antibiotics based on the symptoms. It is advisable to have regular checkups. You can take the following medicines for a 3months and let me know to guide you further.

Ayurvedic medicines like Amrta aristam - 15ml after food twice daily, Mahasudarshan tablet and Divya Giloy Vati can be given along with the advised Allopathy medicines.

Include easily digestable fresh cooked food, pomegranate, vegetable soups, rasam, pepper and cumin. Avoid excess refined flour, canned foods, sweets, salt and oil. Use boiled water for drinking. Maintain personal hygiene by washing hands whenever necessary. Please do have regular checkups as advised.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 7 April 2017

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