Thyroid and menorhagia

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cure for allergic cough and runnig nose and thyroid

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As you are suffering from issues like allergic cough and running nose and other problems like thyroid complaint and menorrhagia problems. Usually allergic cough and running nose are related to viral infections and due to low immunity you may be suffering from the same problem. For thyroid issue, you may need to consume some medicines in order to prevent the symptoms as such and other associated complaints like overweight etc., In order to maintain proper uterine function, and to prevent the complaints of bleeding issues, you may consume ayurvedic medicines which are helpful. You have to follow strict diet regimen, balanced nutrition which is very important.Following medicines such as Divya Kanchanar Guggulu and Divya Medohar Vati which are helpful for maintaining thyroid function.You can consume Package Medicine for Menorrhagia which contain Divya Praval Pishti, Divya Kaharwa Pishti, Divya Giloy Sat, Divya Mukta, Divya Vasantakusumakara Ras, and Divya Stri rasayana vati which are helpful for internal usage.For your cold and cough complaints, Divya Laxmi vilas ras two tablets twice daily after food.

With regards,Dr.Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 1 April 2012

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