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Sir, I m married . age is 32 yrs , and have a daughter of 1.5 years old.I have got Thyroid problem since 2006.I take thyronorm 25 mcg from the starting.I have got irregular periods from the age 16(approx. 45 days cycle). my weight is 50 kg, height is 5'1". i have got fat only on belly(tummy). My problem is frequent hair thyroid test report is always normal (in range) with 25 mcg tyronorm but did not get ragular periods. no doctor has found reason why my hair falls. i am taking homeopathy treatment from dec-2009 till now(april-2010).i have checked my ESR also , its 47. i have sinus problem there any medicine to avoid this hair fall problem and make the periods normal.

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Hello madam,

As per your given information, you have thyroid complaint, and Polycystic ovarian disease. As both are related to hormonal imbalance, it may show on weight factor also.

Both thyroid and PCOD may lead to irregular menstruation or irregular ovulation and lead to weight gain in some individuals and even oedema in some individuals.

The symptoms are usually associated with hot flushes, high irritability, leucorrhoea, acne, or hyperacidity symptoms etc and in some individuals there will be infertility.

If there are any irregularities in diet, it has to be rectified in time and proper care has to be taken accordingly.

Consume balanced nutrition, consume fibre-rich food regularly, reduce oily foods, spices etc.

Usually in thyroid patients, there will be mental irritability, which should be taken care by practicing pranayama and yoga accordingly. Yoga keeps you health and peace of mind. Yoga poses like vajrasana, paschimottasana, sarvangasana, suryanamaskara and anuloma-viloma pranayama are very helpful.

Ayurvedic medicines like M2-tone, and Rajapravarthini vati and Kanchanara Guggulu are useful medicines along with classical medicines like INDUKANTHAKASHYAM and DRAKSHADI KASHAYAM should be mixed in equal quantities (30ml)before food for maintaining healthy ovaries and reduces the intensity of inflammation.

For more doubts, feel free to contact us.

With regards,Dr.Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 27 April 2010


respected sir I am the mother of two children iam thyroid patient i eat eltroxin 100 tables daily my body weight is 52 normal body main problem is hair fall . in this problem Iam very period is correct. please sugect medicine for me

posted by biljudilish on 8 January 2013

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