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sir, i am 36 yrs,female. I had serious itching problem (urticaria) for past few yrs.Now it is under control, i used allopathy. homeopathy,also kapalbhati,accuapressure,changed my food habits. now my TSH IS 0.03 ,T3 IS 103, T4 IS 7.9 SGPT IS 8.7 HEOMOGLOBIN IS 11.5 PLATELET IS 407 rdw-sd is 57 the report has an allert RBCS: MODERATE ANISOCYTOSIS MILD POIKILOCYTOTOSIS . PREDOMINANTLY NORMOCYTIC NORMOCHROMIC WITH MICROCYTES & OVALOCYTOSIS. SIR, WHAT DOES THIS REPORT MEAN? PLEASE HELP ME REMEDY FOR THIS & ALSO THYROID THANK YOU: YUMAYYA

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Hello, As your primary complain is related to skin itching due to sensitivity and allergies due to Urticaria where your blood reports show mild abnormalities in cells that indirectly shows some anemic conditions, however that may even triggering or increasing urticaria and over and above there are issues with thyroid where in terms of ayurveda there are certain remedies to get treated from this condition. Here, you need to follow proper diet and lifestyle which is helpful. Consuming green leafy vegetables, vegetables that help to improve general strength and to reduce the anemic condition.In your case, if you have to any health related issues you can revert us and meanwhile you can even consume the following medicines along with your regular medication such as Punarnava Mandura, Kanchanar Guggulu and Abhraloha which are helpful for your condition.

Try to monitor your urticaria condition you can use Urtiplex which useful in treating urticaria.

Try to wear cotton clothes and avoid cold food items and triggering food items such as brinjal or egg plant that may cause allergies and even refrain to certain climates that may cause urticaria.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 9 December 2013

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