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My Name is Saurav Kumar and age is 20 .i m suffering from stammering.I stammer usually when in stress and nervoussness.Many a times when as i think I have to say this and while speaking those particular thing I stammer mostly.please suggest me some medicine to cure stammering

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Hello Mr. Saruav Kumar,

As stammering or stuttering is related to speech disorder associated with behavioral patterns like struggling in speaking, disrupted speech, repeated or prolonged speech and it could be developmental stuttering (by birth) or neurogenic stuttering (caused by any trauma or stroke etc), it takes time to get treated, however with the combined treatment methods it can be solved up to maximum extent. In your case it is related to developmental stuttering with the help of speech therapy and ayurvedic medications one can prevent this kind of speech disorder like if you take Voees Syrup and another combination of Divya Sarswatharishta, and Divya Ashwagandharistha 15 ml plus 15 ml twice daily after food is indicated and one teaspoon of Bramhi Ghrit is to be consumed in empty stomach with warm water and you can add two pinches of Vacha Churna in it.

Speech therapy is indicated for you where you can apply two pinches of Vacha Churna with honey on tongue and practice speaking difficult words and slowly you can develop a habit on that and whenever you face such situations there will be chances in your speech.

For you, Yoga and Pranayama is very much indicated as while doing meditation, there will be immense concentration where you can focus in speaking difficult words. You can practice Anulomaviloma Pranayama, Ujjayini Pranayama, Bramari Pranayama.

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Hello sir me mera naam pawan sharma h or bharatpur district se hu or meri age 26 years h or me kaafi labhe time se haklaane ki sikaayat se presaan hu.

posted by hot8pawan on 28 April 2016

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