Ayurvedic Treatment of colon ulcer and piles

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Sir, I am 34yrs of age, male, married and is being found of ulcer in colon since 2009. I was taking allopathy for 2 yrs. and I was ok then. But after 6 months symptoms like constipation, presence of blood and pus in stool were found. Then I have taken haemopathy. But no relief was seen. At last I had visited gasteroenterologist and he had examined me. After colonscopy, it was found that I have been suffering from ulcer in colon and somewhat ileum together with small piles in rectum. I have burning sensation near anus, sometimes blood in stool. I am taking allopathy since 4 months again. Doctor told me that I have symptoms of Crohn's Disease but not 100% sure. I have been taking ROWASA 500 mg and bacterial medicine for digestion. I have started arshkalp vati 2 tabs twice daily from last 4 days. I have seen no blood in my stool. I want to cure myself. I am doing yoga. Iwant yoga CD for this disease and medicine. My weight is 50 kgs. and height is 5ft 6 inch. I am on simple diet. Taking 1 LT of yoghurt everyday and rice in my meal with dal and vegetables. I have huge gas problem. If you will require my diagnostic report then I will send it you. Please favour. Jai shree krishna, Balkrishna Sharma

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Ayurvedic Medicine

In Crohn's disease inflammation is seen in the ileum. The inflammation can also be seen in other parts of the intestine. As there is an autoimmune response, there will be occasional flareups. It has to be treated immediately with the necessary medicines. Healthy eating will help to avoid the frequent flareups. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken to heal the ulcer in the intestine and also which will reduce the piles also.

Package for ulcerative colitis medicine can be taken for a month and then reviewed. It will also help to improve the digestion and hence will reduce the bloating. You can also continue Divya Arshkalp Vati. Dabur Pudin Hara can be taken whenever necessary to relieve the bloating.

Include kiwi fruit, licorice, goose berry, drumstick leaves, beet root, cabbage, spinach and mung dal. Avoid excess spicy foods, sugar, salt, caffeine and spicy foods. Practise Yogasanas like vajrasana, padmasana, shavasana, Pranayamam and Meditation which will be beneficial.

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I am Sachin wankhade age23 weight 52 height 172 I have constipation from at age 5 years old from childhood due to eat mud this time iam constipated or in morning my stomach is not empty well filling upset in morning but I had get colonocopy the problem is IBS means incomplete movement of bowel in the morning mean stomach or rectum is not fully empty that is my real problem in this time my stomach is not empty in one time I should go 2 or 3 time day I take amla and alovera juice in daily from 8 day that is energetic for me but my stomach is not empty in morning please suggest me another patanjali medicine with amla and alovera to treat this type of IBS e

posted by wankhades773 on 30 September 2016

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