Unwanted facial hairs

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Pranam guruji

guruji pls suggest me any ayurvedic medicine for thick unwanted facial hairs, as it will boost down my confidence in public. since from 3-4 yrs i hv his problem, s a working person i m very upset with this problem. I m confident tht u will help me, as it will nowdays common for other girls also. thanks for your advise.

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Unwanted hair growth in females is mainly due to hormonal imbalance, thyroid related complaints, cystic ovaries or tumors in ovaries, even malfunctioning of adrenal glands, also lead to this problem. As hair growth is related to estrogen levels, there will be unwanted hair growth.

So, one should figure out the root cause.There are many modern techniques for unwanted hair removal like Laser treatment, electrolysis technique etc, those are sometimes become side effects.

There are certain home remedies such as some local applications which may help for temporary relief. However, after finding the root cause, the treatment pattern should go according to that.

Face packs: Turmeric is found effective for this complaint.Turmeric and green gram powder along curds, paste should be prepared and apply on the face.Honey and lemon in equal quantity along with turmeric for external application is also helpful.

So, please reply us if there is any other complaints, so that we can suggest medicines accordingly.

With regards,Dr.Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 27 February 2010


Guruji Thanaka Powder and Kusuma Oil ka use kar sakta hu or ye apake vaha mil
Shkati he kya muje javab dena me ye chayere ke balo se paresan hu plz plz reply dena or kano ke bolo se bhi

posted by anppatel94 on 1 March 2016

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