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Dear sir,

Ihave this stone at my lower ureter junction for 10 months. Earlier it was 11.7 mm and after taking home remedies now it is 10.5 mm. There is minimal hydrourternephrosis. I dont want surgery.. what medicine can i take and diet to undergo for this to naturally dissolve? Please help. Tx

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Depending on nature of renal calculi, and depending on site, there may be treatment variations. In your case you are 10.5 mm of stone which is associated with Hydroureteronephrosis. There are many herbal remedies that help you to reduce from these symptoms and relives renal calculi.

However, you should avoid consuming too much calcium, red meat, vitamin C in the diet and avoid dairy products in excess, coffee, nuts, palak or spinach, etc.

You can consume vegetables like radish and cucumber and fruits like water melon cereals such as horse gram and barley.

You can consume Cystone Himalaya and Divya Ashmarihar Kvath. You can also consume Renal stone package medicine which are helpful.

There are certain home remedies that acts as diuretics and one among is banana plant stem, Gokshura etc.

You can follow balanced diet.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 3 November 2010

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