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Respected Babaji,


Please bless us and provide the right direction as my wife is suffering from very small Uterus and Ovaries. She has visited many Dr. mostly said that its very difficult process as she has very small uterus and ovaries as well. She is 27 years old but still there is no MC. I write below clearly about the condition : Age : 27 yrs; 2 yrs been married No MC take place even a single time Ultra sound report : Very small like pear shaped uterus and ovaries. How can she conceive a baby ?? If Any treatment, Yoga or Medicine for such problem... Eagarly waiting your kind reply. UDAY

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Practically you must understand that it is not possible as doctors suggested and conformed the same and if uterus is not functioning at all, then it is obvious that there would not be chances of menstruation as automatically ovaries also do not function properly. We are not sure that her ovulation is well or not. However, the only way is to prevent other complaint due to hormonal changes like weight gain or other sought of problems. So, yoga and pranayama are good to maintain physical and mental health which is important now.

With regards,

Dr. Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 12 December 2012


I am suffering from highly burning near urine side & near stool. My fasting sugar 130 & Uric Acid is 4.6 & creatinine level 1.2 % urine is acidic for 1 month.

posted by hatkarjaykant on 17 March 2013

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