Uvites inflamation in right eye

nassrin, 3 April 2013 13:27  this question feed

my age is 28 /f/ i am suffering for uvites althouhj my left eye is clear but right eye has little inflamation i cannot take stress i am married recently doctor gave me oral steriod 7 tablet which reduce my inflamtion but i am avoiding to have steriod now i am just using megaprone drop and maha triphala and amalika rasayan as pescribed by doctor carrot juice and regular exercise as i am having hypotyriod and obesity every 6 month i have doctor appointment for regular chekup for eye with super sepcialist in goa please mention some more ideas that can help me to keep ny eye healthy and away from this infection and future anyy side effect

thank you

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Dear Guest

You are on a right track as the medicine you are taking are good and take them properly.

But your place may not be excellent as you need to avoid sun at all costs other wise it will aggravate Pitta which is already a factor over hear.Also always wear Photochrm or best lenses or glares when moving out in sun.

You may also take avipattikar churnaand special rose preparation Gulkand.It will prove beneficial for you.

Pranayam like Sheetali etc, will help reduce inflammation.


posted by Dr.Sharma on 5 April 2013

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