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Namaskarji, I am a mother of two small kids. I don't find time to do yoga at morning, so shall I do yoga at night before bed that is around 9PM or 10PM to lose weight. Thank you.

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Yoga as mentioned is best to be practiced at morning. However doing it at night too is fine but you must follow certain instruction for it.

Ensure yourself that your mind and body is calm and in peace at night during yoga. Make sure that the surrounding does not disturb you any way. Hve proper food 2 hours before your yoga session. Following yoga relax for an hour before going to bed. Following these will give you all benefits of yoga as you do it in morning.

As far as weight loss is concerned, you have to bring a change in lifestyle and dietery habits.This when practiced along with yoga will give you the best result.Before food have 2 or 3 glass of water. This will make your body to consume less food which will allow your body to burn the remaining fat in your body for daily activities.

posted by Dr.Sony on 27 January 2014


Generally the best time to practise Yoga is early morning or at sunset time. But any time is better rather than doing nothing. So even you can do it after your household work. Take care that you eat before two hours which will make your blood sugar low and will use the fat stores efficiently which will also help to reduce weight.

Mornings are generally preferred as it will be a good start for the day, will become a routine and that you do not skip due to lack of time with other chores. So try to stick to a routine with the same time which is very important.

Evenings are advised for persons with stiff muscles which will ease and be more flexible in the evening.

Backward bendings or exercises which stimulate or invigorate can be avoided which may cause difficulty to get sleep, but it varies in each person. Forward bending exercises are generally calming. Including bending, standing , balancing exercises, inverted poses which are good. Always try to finish with Shavasana. Try to rest in between and do not overstrain.

It will not be a miracle and do it patiently and slowly with a good diet also which is important to reduce weight.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 23 January 2014

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