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binumarar, 15 November 2013 15:00  this question feed

I am 36 Yrs Old.My Blood sugar is coming on lower border after 2 hrs(Post food).I am losing sleep in midnight and has to take sweets ( fruits or glucose water).Yoga will help to recover ?



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Dear BinuYou can use Aswagandha aristam and Vilvadi lehyam. Lehyam are jam like preparations prepared with jaggery, some have ghee but not this one. Vilwadi hehyam contains vilwa, coriander, cumin, caraway, cardomom, cinnamon, mesuaferrea, pepper, dried ginger, pippali which will regulate your digestion. You can take it for two weeks and please let me know. We can stop it once your symptoms become better. It is important to check lipid profile to understand the types of cholesterol.Eat healthy food with more vegetables and fruits. Include garlic, ginger, horsegram, mushrooms, walnuts, soya, olive oil, avocados, beans, curcumin, onion, oat bran which are good to control cholesterol. Eat less food with more frequency. Avoid fried fatty foods. Reduce intake of rice. Do exercise regularly. Control weight with diet and exercise. You can always contact me by writing here, will be glad to assist you.Dr.Ramani.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 29 November 2013



What ever I am eating is getting digested quickly.Feeling hungriness very soon especially in night and I am losing my sleep and feel guiddiness.Some times I had to take fruits or some sweets in night.Hope Aswagandharistam will improve this.



posted by binumarar on 28 November 2013

Thanks.Do this medicine causes colestrol ?Currently I have total collestrol 242 but I am not taking any medicine for that.doing yoga for 1 hr(including surya namaskaram).

Could you share your phone number so that I can have a call.



posted by mararbinu on 28 November 2013

Dear BinuThanks for getting back to me with your sugar levels. Yes, with the help of Yoga and exercises try to overcome the anxiety. Whenever the body becomes ill, it will affect the mind and viceversa. So please start taking the following medicines

1.Divya Ashwagandharistam - 25ml after food morning and night 2.Vilvadi lehyam - 1tsp after food morning and night.You can take the medicines half an hour before you go to sleep.

This medicines will help to reduce anxiety, improve the sugar level and regulate your bowels. Please follow the other advise and let me know after 2weeks. Dr.Ramani.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 27 November 2013

Hi MadamThanks for your reply.

My Fasting Suger is 75 and post food is 90(after 2 hrs).I am doing Yoga regularly(20Mints) now increased to 1 hr.I have anxioty more.Then I feel to go for motion and after it I feel tired(especially in night).I have to go for motion after dinner then again have to take something(normally taking fruits).Otherwise night I feel swetting and nervousness and had to take some glucose water.KIndly help me to recover



posted by mararbinu on 24 November 2013

Hypoglycemia oocurs due to a problem in the metabolism of sugar with variations in insulin. It produces excess sweating, nervousness, irritability, fatigue. It usually happens in people with diabetes but can also be seen in nondiabetics also. Some times it will be corrected by changing the food habits if not the cause must be investigated and treated accordingly. The blood sugar value may go below 70mg/dl. Do you have diabetes? Eat healthy food with more fruits and vegetables, the natural fructose in fruits or juice, apples, molasses are good. Include complex carbohydrates with grain, nuts and seeds. Have more frequent meals during the day. Reduce too much sugar and refined carbohydrates. Take good rest, relax and meditate. Yogasanas like Vakrasana, Sarvangasana, Bhujangasana, Halasana and Pranayamam - Kapalbhati, Anuloma Viloma will stimulate the liver, pancreas which will help in the metabolism of sugar and to maintain a normal level. Always have some glucose handy to overcome the symptoms. Please let me know if you have diabetes, the blood sugar vaues both fasting as well the post prandial and there are some Ayurvedic medicines with jaggery which will regulate the blood sugar level which you can have at bedtime.Dr.Ramani.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 21 November 2013

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