What is complete package of hearing problem

asked by mainajani on 13 December 2009
My son has hearing problem for the last two years. He is on many alopathic medicines. I want to... Read More

Follow up question with my earlier question

asked by steve1352 on 13 December 2009
Continue with loss of smell and taste I also have very sticky mucous (never ending)How can I... Read More

Question for penile enlargement & performance

asked by hari2myyog on 13 December 2009
Dear doctor, I am looking for medication for the following: a) Penis enlargement b)... Read More

Over weight , Low spearm count

asked by Sameer on 13 December 2009
Hello Dr , Since form child hood i wanted to reduce my weight but its not getting reduce , i... Read More

Have lost smell and taste power

asked by steve1352 on 12 December 2009
From last 30 months , I had to use inhailers and stroids for my asthma Right now my asthma is... Read More

Hypertension ayurvedic medicine

asked by jatinder on 12 December 2009
Is there an ayurvedic medicine which can work as beta blocker for the patients suffering from... Read More

Thrombosys central eye nerve

asked by simonetta on 11 December 2009
hello, §I am 50 and have been suffering from glaucoma since I was 20 and have been operated... Read More

Vasovagal Syncope

asked by ushapratap on 11 December 2009
I was diagnosed with this condition. At present my life is very restricted, i can not stand for... Read More

Advice me ramdev's medicine for hearing impaired

asked by archi on 11 December 2009
doctor, i have hearing problem since 4 years ,sometimes there are buzzing noise in my ears. i... Read More

What can i give my 3 wks old bay for cough

asked by hareom on 10 December 2009
my 3 wks old baby girl has nasal congestion and cough,what can i give her for... Read More

Hydrocele ayurvedic medicine

asked by mittal on 9 December 2009
Sir , my right side "ANDKOSH "Testicle is doing pain more than 8 years but the size is... Read More
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