Ayurvedic Medicines For Hernia

Hernia on rt side on thigh

asked by Rajo on 27 August 2013
Dear Sir, I am 54 years old and having hernia on right side of thigh. My father was also... Read More

Hernia bina opration upchar

asked by Aprasad on 1 March 2013
babaji, pranam! mujhe 7 varsh se hernia hai. aayu 50 varsh. andkosh me, baithne, khade hone se... Read More

Inguinal hernia

asked by kumarpujari on 2 December 2012
hello i'm suffering with right inguinal hernia,i want Ayurvedic medicine for this when i... Read More

Hitus Hernia problem

asked by mps1512 on 27 October 2012
Dear Doctor, I have a hitus hernia. This was found after performaning endoscopy three years... Read More

Hernia in one and half year old baby boy

asked by Ground Reality on 22 October 2012
My baby boy (1.5 years)is suffering from Hernia, please let me know is this curable and if yes... Read More


asked by georgebes on 13 October 2012
i have hernia.does CHARAK AYURVEDA ADDYZOA... Read More

Hernia swelling after surgery

asked by radhh on 18 June 2012
Hello sir, I am 60 years old lady having incision hernia before 2 years, after a mesh repair and... Read More

Jadi Booti For Hernia on right side

asked by pot2potter on 20 March 2012
please provide me a perfect ayurvedic medicine for Hernia problem on right side where it try to... Read More

Regarding hernia and hydrocel

asked by kumar007 on 15 March 2012
Respected sir, I have been suffering from hernia so many years(20 yrs). I am fully constipated... Read More

Hernia treatment

asked by rajup3 on 27 December 2011
My grandfather, aged 88 has testicles pain and swelling from few weeks.. Doc has diagnosed as... Read More

About Hernia

asked by sridevi2 on 21 November 2011
babaji, pranam. my 6 years old son suffering with harnia problem , there is no any pain so far .... Read More

Reg.Hernia & Hydrocele

asked by ratna kumar on 14 November 2011
Sir,i have been suffering from inguinal hernia for 15 yrs, but recently, for 2 yrs my scrotum is... Read More

Umbilical hernia and ayurveda

asked by Abner on 13 May 2011
Dear Sir, I need information on umbilical hernia and ayurveda ?, thanks! very... Read More

Hernia ka ilaj

asked by Amit Gupta on 28 March 2011
Respected Sir, I seek advice on hernia ka ilaj ?, thanks! very... Read More

Herbal treatment for inguinal hernia

asked by Ezra on 17 March 2011
Please provide information on herbal treatment for inguinal... Read More

Yoga for umbilical hernia

asked by Preeti mishra on 17 March 2011
Would like to have information on yoga for umbilical... Read More

Cure for Hernia

asked by khanna_pankaj1 on 21 December 2010
My wife is suffering from Hernia. We have consult three doctors for this but all have same... Read More

Hiatus hernia - ibs

asked by Donucci on 15 October 2010
I had laparoscopic nissen's fundoplication last year for hiatus hernia and since I keep... Read More

Suffering from Hernia (both sides), right side sciatica

asked by SAMPATH on 6 September 2010
PRANAMS Sir, I am suffering from Rt.Inguinal Hernia for the past 10 years and Left Inguinal... Read More

Hiatal Hernia

asked by ajaydas on 12 March 2010
I have been suffering from hiatal hernia last one year. as per endoscopic report it is 39-43cm.... Read More
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