Ayurvedic Medicines For Lungs

Lungs congestion and shortness of breath

asked by lalit_3k on 19 February 2013
Hello i have a problem with my lungs.when i climb stairs, lift anything, laugh out loud or run... Read More

Lungs damage and now capacity is 30%

asked by bablitak on 27 January 2013
capacity of my lungs decreases from 4year now remains only 30 %. various sists in lungs how... Read More

Male / 38 , Adenoid cystic carsinoma on lungs mets

asked by kishorekumar73 on 13 June 2012
I am suffering from cancer from 2004.I have secondaries on lungs . I have 2 times chemotherapy .... Read More

Adenoid cystic Carsinoma on lungs mets

asked by kishorekumar73 on 13 June 2012
I am suffering from Cancer for 8 yearrs I have secondaries on lungs. I am suffering from cough... Read More

Regarding Lungs infection

asked by vikram on 14 March 2011
Sir My father is 60 years old and he has been suffering from Mysthenia Gravis. He has been... Read More

Ayurveda or homeopathy which can cure the lungs fibrosis

asked by Liama on 11 March 2011
Kindly provide advice on ayurveda or homeopathy which can cure the lungs... Read More

Ajwain for Lungs

asked by herbs_lover on 1 December 2010
How Ajwain is beneficial for... Read More

Ajmoda for Lungs

asked by herbs_lover on 1 December 2010
How Ajmoda is beneficial for... Read More


asked by sourav g on 16 October 2010
namaste baba, my dad is 68 yrs old with lungs damaged by 80% due to smoking.He is surviving on... Read More

Lungs infection

asked by dineshbansalmkt on 27 February 2010
baba ji. this full winter i had severe cough and chest pain.which medicine i should... Read More

4th stage lungs cancer

asked by boom4raj on 18 February 2010
hello sir, i am from orissa, my uncle have been diagnosed lungs cancer , even 4th stage. It was... Read More

4th stage Lungs cancer treatement?

asked by boom4raj on 11 February 2010
Sir, thank you for your response, as you have suggested some ayurvedik medicines alone with... Read More

Sir give any suggestion for 4th stage Lungs cancer?

asked by boom4raj on 10 February 2010
Hello sir, I am a mba student, from Cuttuck,Orissa. Before just two days we got to know that my... Read More

Mucus in lungs

asked by rajnibalvirsingh on 28 January 2010
baba ji ko mera pranam,baba ji my is 5year old and is suffering from mucus in lungs. please... Read More

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