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Heamophelia Factor X ayurvedic treatment

asked by jazy287 on 2 May 2013
dear sir my two children are suffering from factor X deficiency. one is a 13 year old girl and... Read More

What is the ayurvedic treatment of single thyroid nodule

asked by asapb on 3 January 2013
Age 62 years. Gender Male . Detected by chance growth abt 2 months back a growth ie thyroid... Read More

Ayurvedic treatment for Amenorrhea

asked by mubeena on 6 November 2012
Dear Doctor, I had myomectomy nearly 2 years ago. After that I am experiencing irregular menses.... Read More

Anemia ayurvedic treatment

asked by dinesh.baghelayur on 1 November 2012
Respected Sir, My wife age 42 years suffering from anemia. I think this may occur due to more... Read More

Hepatitis B Disorder Ayurvedic Treatment

asked by ashirahatti on 9 October 2012
since from 10 year back i notified that i have HBsag +ve now also same in +ve condition when i... Read More

Creatinine and Urea Ayurvedic Treatment

asked by altaf32 on 2 October 2012
Dear Sir , My wife has problem of creatinine and urea which is now creatinine 4.0mg/dl &... Read More

Ayurvedic treatment for Writer's cramp

asked by elvis on 26 October 2010
Dear Sir. Am a 30 years old man and am suffering from writters cramp, i had gone for treatment... Read More

Asthma ayurvedic treatment

asked by pankaj r on 26 October 2010
hari om swami ji swami ji mujhe 1 saal se asthma hai kaya iska kuch illaj hai jo ye permenent... Read More

Ayurvedic treatment for corns

asked by sati on 26 October 2010
Hello doctor, is there any herbal remedies and home remedies for... Read More

Ayurvedic treatment for Celiac disease

asked by renu 15 on 26 October 2010
Hello doctor, is there any treatment for Celiac disease? Please suggest some herbal... Read More

Bursitis and arthritis ayurvedic treatment

asked by renu 15 on 25 October 2010
Hello, Is there any ayurvedic treatment for Bursitis and to cure... Read More

Ayurvedic treatment for Balantidiasis

asked by sati on 25 October 2010
One of my friend is suffering from Balantidiasis, is there any herbal remedy for the same? ... Read More

Ayurvedic treatment for Agoraphobia

asked by renu 15 on 21 October 2010
Is there any ayurvedic treatment and panchakarma treatment for... Read More

Ayurvedic treatment for acne

asked by atul p on 18 October 2010
respected babaji my face is oily. so many pimplese in my face.I amfeel very dirty for this acne... Read More

Thyroid ayurvedic treatment

asked by rn.bsf87 on 10 May 2010
Since last about one year my wife is having tyroid problem. Her T3 is 12.6 and T4 is 0.8.... Read More

Psoriasis ayurvedic treatment

asked by pravin.123k on 10 May 2010
i m suffring from psoriasis since 10 years.i want full treatment for nthe same. plz guide... Read More

Erectile dysfunction ayurvedic treatment

asked by cute_nancy on 15 March 2010
I am 24 years newly married women, I am writing for my husband who has erectile dysfunction... Read More

Atopic dermatitis ayurvedic treatment

asked by shivu on 15 March 2010
Kindly advise ayurvedic treatment for atopic dermatitis. I use a liquid preparation (glycerine... Read More

Ayurvedic treatment for Dry Macular Degeneration

asked by anon on 11 March 2010
I have dry macular deg. Do you have any remedies for this?... Read More
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