Thyroid Problem

asked by AMIT1975 on 22 August 2018
I am a 12 year old male. My TSH is 49 but T4 is 0.93 and T3 IS 2.69 Please advise the causes... Read More

Hashimoto and sinus low immunity

asked by Pia527 on 23 July 2018
Im 37 female 2 kids ..last yr in oct had an abortion and right aftr tht hv seen low immuinity... Read More

Are there any medicines for healthy weight loss

asked by Harshdeepnazy on 2 May 2018
I am female. Age 30, hypothyroid, menstrual pattern is normal height 5 feet, weight ... Read More

Can i control Thyroid naturally....

asked by Mgk on 5 April 2018
Hi recently i digonised Hypothyroid (level was T3 135.83 ,T4 8 and TSH 8.798)as per Ayurvedic... Read More

Thyroid treatment meds in unani

asked by getsawood on 8 March 2018
Hi, pls suggest unani medicines for hypothyroid.. For past 2 years.. Currently taking thyronorm... Read More

Hypothyroid, weight loss !

asked by healthquery on 3 March 2018
Hi, I'm 27 years old female, I've hypothyroid since 3 years. 3 years ago TSH was... Read More

Hashimoto Thyroid/Epstein Barr Virus

asked by eashan on 16 February 2018
Hello, I'm suffering from Hashimoto Thyroid and epstein barr virus which has swollen my... Read More

Liver and thyroid

asked by arpit srivastava on 2 February 2018
my age is 23. gender-male. i had taken medicine from 5 years of liver because my dysatio. now i... Read More

Want to get pregnant soon

asked by bonita on 10 December 2017
hello sir, i am 33 years female, 2 years before diagnosed Thyroid TSH increased that is... Read More

Thyroid problem

asked by kripa123 on 17 August 2017
57 years, Female, married, not getting adequate sleep, easy and regular bowels, moderate... Read More

Pcos and thyroid medicines

asked by Lakshmi triveni on 26 July 2017
I am suffering frm pcos and thyroid my height is 5'6 and weight 75 and practicing yoga... Read More

Thyroid problem

asked by Divya86 on 23 June 2017
I m 31 years old. 10 days before as per report thyroid count TSH is 7.35 but TH are normal.... Read More

Need ayurvedic medicine for thyroid problem

asked by Divya86 on 22 June 2017
Age is 31. Before 5 days during test thyroid count T3 andT4 are normal but TSH shown as 7.35.... Read More

Thyroid issues

asked by Madhumita21 on 19 May 2017
Namstey I am Madhumita Nayak from Odisha. I am 21 years old.I wanted to ask if when should I... Read More

To reduce my weight

asked by Mumz on 10 May 2017
Hi sir, I am 21years old girl my weight is 70kg height is 164cm..iam having thyroid problem... Read More

Thyroid Nodule

asked by Sai_Shiva on 21 April 2017
My mom's age is 55. Sir recently mom was detected with nodule size of 1.7*1.5 cm in... Read More

Thyroid problems

asked by SHUBHADEEP on 15 February 2017
Baba ji, my wife is 37. She is suffering from TSH problem. Her TSH leave is now 11. We come to... Read More

Thyroid and weight

asked by Manu2008 on 30 December 2016
I am a female 36 yrs of age with 82 kgs of tsh level is 5.96 and t3 t4 Read More

Unmarried 10cm fibroid need treatment

asked by Tiddi on 22 December 2016
Helo... I m unmarried 26 years old... N having a large 10Cm fibroid in uterus... Normal... Read More

Thyroid - gowth of Goiter

asked by Rajag on 8 December 2016
My wife is suffering from Multinodulr Goieter. For the last two years she is using Kanchanar... Read More
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