I want to loose my weight, patanjali medicine

asked by Pooja Khatter on 30 May 2020
I am 40 years old female lady. I am working women and i have two children. it is further... Read More

Thyroid weight loss ayurvedic medicine

asked by Prarthna on 26 May 2020
Hello Sir I am 38yrs old nd I have thyroid since 16yrs m taking throxin 50mg. I lost 10kg... Read More
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Lose weight ramdev patanjali medicine

asked by abhibhas on 25 April 2020
My weight is 80 kg. Height 5 ft 3 in. M mother of 4 month baby boy.i had normal delivery. My son... Read More

Divya Medohar Vati

asked by springfairy on 3 February 2020
Hi Doctor. I am a 35 year old married female. Ive been taking Divya Medohar Vati tablets for 2... Read More

Ashwagandha ramdev patanjali medicine

asked by No Email on 1 June 2018
Hi,age-26,gender-female. How can I take ashwagandha for lose weight and joint... Read More

Weight loss within a month

asked by Kunju on 10 May 2018
I am 21 years old.i have 55 kg of weight. I am not eating too much and i am doing regular... Read More

Wait gain after delivery

asked by Remi on 20 April 2018
Hello sir, I'm 27year old,weight 75kg,height 5.4, after my delivery my weight increased... Read More

How to intake medicine

asked by Prusha on 6 April 2018
I am a female, 36 years old and weight 175 pounds and wanted to started this herbal medication... Read More

Can I use Divya MedhoharVati and Ashwagandha capsules together?

asked by sm2018 on 22 March 2018
Dear Sir/Madam I am a 41 year old female, 5 feet height, 62 kgs weight. I am generally a... Read More

Weight gain despite simple controlled diet

asked by God-Great on 11 February 2018
Hello I am 43 years old mother height 5' 2". I got married at age of 22. Before... Read More

Ibs weight loss

asked by Jk12345 on 10 February 2018
Dear sir, I have ibs since my child hood, I am 34 presently, losing weight, as frequently I have... Read More

Weight gain after pregnancy

asked by Jeana on 3 January 2018
Hello doctor, I am a 27 yrs old mother of a 6 months boy baby.I have gained weight after my... Read More

Weight gain after pregnancy

asked by Jeanna on 29 December 2017
Hello doctor, My age is 27.i have a six month old son and I am breast feeding.i have increased... Read More

Menstrual pattern(PCOD)

asked by Rimmy on 26 October 2017
Hello, actually I have a PCOD problem since 2005, but after my son was born in 2011 my... Read More

Divya Medohar Vati for how long?

asked by springfairy on 7 September 2017
I am 33 years old and weight is 52 kg. I have been taking Divya Medohar Vati with warm water... Read More

Gain weight ramdev patanjali medicine

asked by nanubeta CFT on 19 August 2017
Sir My name is DAANU & I am 20 year old. I am a girl. My height is 5feet approx. My wait is... Read More
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Body weight ramdev patanjali medicine

asked by Rjraju on 9 August 2017
How improve my body weight ? I am men and my age 21 but my weight is 46 kg. Please tell me... Read More

Weight gain ramdev patanjali medicine

asked by deepak17 on 15 July 2017
name- deepak age-20 yr, weight-45kg height-5ft 4inch. sir, i want to increase my weight and... Read More

Information about weight gain product

asked by Humayu7 on 27 June 2017
Name: humayu Age :26 Weight :53 kg Sir i want to increase my weight , i never tried any... Read More
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How can i gain weight with the help of Ashawgandha and Stawar chuarn?

asked by veeniiii on 17 June 2017
I am 26 years old girl. I wana gain weight and i have skin problem like achne on neck and... Read More
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