Ayurvedic & Home Remedies For Acidity

asked by YogaGuru on 13 July 2020
Acidity is the curse of too much busy lifestyle. Because of the busy routine there is no time... Read More

Patanjali Divya Avipattikar Churna For Hyper acidity, Indigestion, Heart Burn

asked by YogaGuru on 8 July 2020
Avipattikar churna is Purgative, Carminative & indicated in acidity & Hyper acidity... Read More

Namaste.. Im suffering acidity and sinus throat problem since 3 year

asked by Puneetdvn on 23 June 2020
Respect guruji, Im suffering from acidity problem and sinus issue from 3years. I have anticids... Read More

Chronic pancreatitis | Acidity, Digestion, Ramdev medicine

asked by sandy10 on 8 June 2020
im 27, and im having chronic pancreatitis , in 2015 i got pancreatitis and then found out about... Read More

Baba ramdev medicine for acidity

asked by Alden on 24 November 2019
I need advice on baba ramdev medicine for acidity, Pls. send details ASAP and I would be very... Read More

Acidity problem solution

asked by sanjeev1 on 5 September 2018
44,M I am suffering from acidity from last 1 month and due to this all time burning sensation... Read More

Acidity , bloating stomach

asked by GJM on 14 June 2018
Sir , I am male aged 68 , suffering from Acidity , bloating stomach ,though stool is soft not... Read More

Regarding acidity

asked by kpiyush198 on 25 September 2017
Age-52 gender-female married for hyper acidity from last 10 years diabetic normal blood... Read More

Acidity and indigetion

asked by Atal on 17 September 2017
sir iam suffering from acidity and indigetion food are not digest even simple food create too... Read More

Acidity/ Bloating/ Constipation

asked by patan123 on 1 August 2017
Dear Doctor, I am 37 Male, I don't eat spicy food often. But some how I got Acidity for... Read More

Acidity pimples hair fall

asked by Jsv on 27 July 2017
Hello sir, I am 27 years old and I m facing problems like acidity, hairfall and pimples on my... Read More

Zanduzyme Tablets

asked by Punz on 21 July 2017
Dear Sir/madam , I want complete description about zanduzyme tablets including its... Read More

How can I cure acidity, indigestion problem, constipation, fungal infection?

asked by Pandurang Dumbare on 14 July 2017
Hi sir I am 24 year old. I am suffering from gastric issues, indigestion, constipation, acidity... Read More

For Heartburn and Acidity

asked by Umesh Tiwari on 30 June 2017
My age is 35 ( Male) I am daily suffering from acid reflux due to which my head pains I am... Read More

Sinusitis headach hyperacidity burping belching

asked by jaihnuman on 20 June 2017
sir i am suffering from hyperacidity beching afrer meal since from 8 YRS also frequently... Read More


asked by ravindrahealth on 19 April 2017
NAME :ravindra kumar AGE :33yrs GENDER :male MARITAL STATUS... Read More

Acidity causing frequent burps

asked by Prathap1981 on 13 March 2017
Iam hypothyroid for past 7 years. I am 34 years female. I have frequent burping all day for the... Read More

Acidity and headache

asked by ridam on 9 January 2017
Namastay i am a 40 year old female. Iam married and have two kids. My problem is my headache. I... Read More

Severe acidity,food sensitivities and food allergies.

asked by loreli on 5 January 2017
Hello sir, I am 29 year old female.For past few years i have been suffering from hyperacidity... Read More
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