I want my husband to get rid of alcohol and smoking

asked by MayaB on 15 May 2018
Hi Sir, my husband is addicted to daily alcohol consumption and consumes 1 cigarette after... Read More

Alcohol addiction

asked by durga maa on 10 October 2016
my brother is so addicted by alcohol. he is 23year old.he drinks and he fight with others and ... Read More

Advice medicine to shop alcohol drinking & to stop ghutka

asked by abm on 22 April 2016
age - 46 gender - male. need to stop drinking alcohol and to stop chewing ghutka. please... Read More

My brother is alcoholic pationt

asked by anuraj on 18 May 2015
Mera bhai 30 ka hai use alcoholc ki adat hai .hamne uska sabhi center me ilaj kiya hai lekin koi... Read More


asked by deepa.pieces on 23 April 2014
Pls suggest, my husband is alcohal addict. How to get control on it. Pls suggest me some... Read More

Need medicin for alcohol

asked by neelam tiwari on 14 December 2013
He drinks everyday .but he have pacemaker ,spil in brain ,high blood prassure,because of drinks... Read More

How to get rid from alcohol for diabetic patient

asked by ashuji on 18 October 2013
Dear sir, my elder brother want to get rid of alochic habit,but is a diabetic patient is any... Read More

Regarding the alcoholic person

asked by swatig on 29 July 2013
the person (gender : Male , Age :38, unmarried , present compaint: he is alcoholic person , when... Read More

Munakka benefits

asked by Abner on 28 May 2012
I wish to buy some medicinal herbs and herbal supplements, I require information about Munakka... Read More

Left alcohol drinking 1 and half month back

asked by Sak123 on 4 April 2012
Use to go nature call twice or thrice in the morning and once in the evening. Stomach gas... Read More

Baba ramdev how to control alcohol

asked by Liama on 24 June 2011
Hi Sir, I need advice on baba ramdev how to control alcohol ?, I would be thankful to... Read More

Ramdev yoga to stop alcohol

asked by Jolyane on 4 June 2011
Respected Sir, I seek advice on ramdev yoga to stop alcohol ?, thanks for your... Read More

Baba ramdev medicines addiction

asked by Kimmie on 2 June 2011
Hi Sir, I need advice on baba ramdev medicines addiction ?, I am thankful to... Read More

Baba ramdev for leaving alcohol

asked by Vanity on 6 May 2011
I need information on baba ramdev for leaving alcohol ?, I would be thankful to... Read More

Patanjali ayurvedic medicines for alcoholic person

asked by Jolyane on 1 April 2011
Hello Sir, I require information on patanjali ayurvedic medicines for alcoholic person ?, please... Read More

Remedy for alcohol addiction

asked by Abner on 8 February 2011
Please tell me Remedies for alcohol addiction?, Please provide this information as soon as... Read More

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