Eye allergy

asked by Kishore ravali on 17 May 2018
My son aged 51/2yrs has been suffering from spring catarh (eye allergy) since 3 yrs.due to... Read More

Any permanent solution for Hyper IgE symptoms?

asked by PJ16 on 24 April 2018
Age - 26 Gender - Female I want to understand if there is any permanent solution for Hyper Ige... Read More

Overall Health, chronic allergy

asked by always_learning on 29 December 2017
Male 28 years. I have allergy issues from long time, mainly cough & cold, headache, frequent... Read More

Nasobrocial allergy

asked by Inder1979 on 29 December 2017
My son is 4year old, now in these days he have no cough on day time, but at night when he slept... Read More

Wheat/Gluten Allergy

asked by SauravK on 16 October 2017
Dear Sir, 6 month back, I lose my appetite. After That My Doctor advise me to go for TTGA test... Read More

Allergy and cold

asked by pandia on 20 September 2017
Hello Dr I'm pandia . my son 3 yr 7 month always. he suffering cold and cough . If he take... Read More

Bronchitis asthma and allergy and sleeping issue

asked by vivky on 5 September 2017
hello, doctor i am male age 25, have allergy from last 2-3 year which leads to asthma later. i... Read More

Permanent curre of wheat allergy

asked by lamba on 18 August 2017
Age-18 Weight-54 Hieght -5'7 If I start eating wheat my haemoglobin level became low My... Read More


asked by BIB HAS RANJAN DEY on 2 August 2017
I am Bibhas Dey my son Master BEDANT DEY.AGE.4+ (Four year eight month)My son suffering from... Read More

Eosinophilic esophagitis

asked by HealthWealth on 25 July 2017
10 year old daughter is suffering from eosinophilic esophagitis for last 6 years. As per western... Read More

Peanut & Tree nut Allergy

asked by NVk on 20 June 2017
My son is 15 months old and h is been diagnosed with Peanut and tree nut allergy and doctor... Read More

Suffering by Allergy for last 10years

asked by Malathy on 14 June 2017
Namaste Guruji, I am Malathy, 29year old female. I am married and mother of one and half year... Read More

Food Allergy Remedy

asked by KANTABARUN on 5 June 2017
Dear Baba ji, My mother's name is Padma Devi, Nepali, 73 years old and pure vegetarian.... Read More

Cold allergy

asked by nareshjag on 30 May 2017
Baba Pranam, Naresh This side, i am suffering by cold allergy from long time reason being i get... Read More

Food allergy / intolerance

asked by Swades on 11 May 2017
I have very bad reflux , rhinitis and breathing difficulties. More recently I found that if I... Read More

Medicine suitable for allergy

asked by JOSE ANTO K on 9 May 2017
I get sneasing especially when i travel on two wheeler or eating mango or grapes. I have been... Read More

Medicine for sinusitis ,allergy and nose blockage

asked by ArivusevanArivusevan on 2 April 2017
Age-28 Gender-Male BP- 150/80 I am suffering from sinus,allergy and nose blockage for past 3... Read More


asked by NEPAL2053 on 21 March 2017
Iam 20 years old male affected from chronic uticaria as per my doctors.iam consuming allegra 180... Read More

Allergy drug reaction

asked by saurabh1510 on 17 March 2017

Dust allergy

asked by sunny2501 on 10 March 2017
Dear Sir age : 30 years gender : Male I am suffering last two months for cough &... Read More
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