A bald patch at middle of head

asked by rekhajain79 on 23 October 2013
Sir, I am 34 years old married lady. In my family there is no history of baldness as such. From... Read More

Bald patches on beard

asked by rubbal on 15 March 2013
i am 27years old male.i am getting bald patches on my beard.i am so stress because of Read More

Bald patches on facial hair

asked by rubbal on 8 March 2013
i am 27year old male.2weeks ago i saw 2 bald patches on my facial hairs.i talked to my doctor.he... Read More

Baldness Problem

asked by sba on 6 March 2012
I am 26 year old I think I am on first stage of baldness,I try many things to stop hair fall but... Read More

Kapalbhati can grow hair on bald heads

asked by Ezra on 6 June 2011
Hello, I want advice on kapalbhati can grow hair on bald heads ?, thanks! very... Read More
1 reply  -  Bald, Hair

Baba ramdev advice on growing of hair on bald head

asked by Abner on 4 May 2011
I need information on baba ramdev advice on growing of hair on bald head ?, I would be grateful... Read More
1 reply  -  Bald, Hair, Head

Ganjapan dur karne ke upay

asked by Lovely on 18 February 2011
May I request information on ganjapan dur karne ke... Read More

Home remedies for Baldness

asked by Velvet on 8 February 2011
What are the Home remedies for Baldness?, Please provide this information as soon as possible... Read More

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