Regarding less mustache and beard ...

asked by arjun nair on 8 April 2015
am 25 , working as an engineer for US problem is moustache and beard seems to... Read More

To prevent white beard and convert white beard into black

asked by Het Patel on 15 March 2015
Dear Sir/Madam, Namaskar, I firmly believe in our Baba Ramadev since long and almost i follow... Read More

Less moustaces and beard

asked by kdyadav on 30 December 2014
good afternoon madam, I m kd yadav ,28 ,married and 3 kids(sons). medically and physically... Read More

Thin moustache

asked by ajith jk on 2 October 2014
Dr, I'm 26 yrs old got very thin moustache like chinese kind,at he end portion its thick... Read More

Less beard and moustache

asked by bhanu123 on 11 September 2014
Dear doctor , I am 24 year male. I am having a problem that less beard and moustache the beard... Read More

No mustache in the middle...Dctrs plz rply

asked by Gireesh on 17 October 2013
Hello dctr..i have good beard expect middle of mustache. that means i have no hair on philtrum... Read More

Less beard and moustache

asked by bhanu123 on 2 September 2013
dear sir I am 23 years old amd having less beard(only chin) and less moustache and also having... Read More

Facial problem

asked by rajive on 26 August 2013
Sir my age is 30 yrs.i am an unmarried person. i am 30 yrs old but i don't have beard yet.... Read More

For beared and mushtash poblem

asked by yoga72 on 15 August 2013
dear sir , now i am 20 years old but their no enough grow of beard and mushtash so plz can u... Read More
1 reply  -  Beard

White beared

asked by chetsandhans on 25 July 2013
Hello sir name sanjay Makwana Age 29 years gender male I have complaint that my beared 50%... Read More

White hairs on Head and Beard

asked by Anaconda on 22 May 2013
Sir, I am 22 years of old and my beard and head hairs are white. I am suffering from this... Read More

Bald patches on beard

asked by rubbal on 15 March 2013
i am 27years old male.i am getting bald patches on my beard.i am so stress because of Read More

White beard

asked by pradchemistry on 11 March 2013
age-35 years male white beard i am unmarried. my hair and beard is nearly white.i am unable to... Read More

Mustache and beard

asked by nnnvizag on 15 December 2012
i'm 25 year old and dont have proper mustache and beard so far.....i'm very scared... Read More

I want to grow my beard fastly, i am 22 yr's old

asked by killa on 13 December 2012
Sir, I am 22 years of age, male and my problem is that I have beards but is not uniformly spread... Read More

Beard and mostache

asked by sherry05 on 6 December 2012
i am 21 yr old.... beard and moustache hav'nt grown on my face yet.... plz uggest me... Read More

Fast growing of mustache and beard

asked by mbalomboboshi on 11 November 2012
please sir, I am 23 years old without mustache, I feel embarrassed, when i am around young ones... Read More

Cure of less facial hair growth problem

asked by beast on 4 November 2012
sir i am 22 year male having very less facial hair... Read More

Treatment for white hair in beard

asked by rlaha on 21 April 2012
prevention of white hair in beard of premature age. 30 years old 20% of hair in beard became... Read More

Harmonal problem

asked by annaraskal on 8 March 2012
sir, i m 22m yeas old. but there is no shaving hair on my face.there are no problem with my... Read More
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