Medha Vati For Blood clot in brain

asked by GBK on 4 June 2020
21yrs. Female. I have cvst in right transverse sigmoids,sigmoid sinus and jugular bulb.Blood... Read More

Blood clot in brain

asked by sabapathig on 24 October 2016
Dear sir/madam, My name is sabapathi 33years old .last 5 years before got accedent in bath... Read More

Blood clot

asked by sabapathig on 26 October 2015
Dear sir/madam, i have blood clot in right side brain .so left side hand some time getting heat... Read More
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Clot in brain

asked by Amit Solanki on 8 July 2015
my father aged 62, has clot in brain CT - Scan report says "Small hypo dense area involving... Read More

Blood clot in left leg

asked by navinita on 28 May 2015
Dear Sir, in 2012 i had pain in left leg calf and doctor did DVT test for my leg and said I... Read More

Paralysis due to blood clot

asked by radhikaagrawal on 15 December 2013
Namaste sir, My brother in law who is 43 yrs old, on 10th dec,2013 got a paralysis attack due... Read More


asked by noni srivastava on 11 August 2013
i have a thrombosis problem.In my right hand has some knot in vein. which medicine will be... Read More


asked by PRATUL on 7 August 2013
I have been diagnosed with Left Sinus Transverse Thromobosis in Nov.2006 with help of MRI/MRV... Read More

Blood Clot in Brain (Left parietal lobe)_Speaking Problems

asked by astronaut7 on 13 June 2013
Dear Sir, My father has a blood clot in left parietal lobe of the brain which hinders him to... Read More

Blood clot symptom and treatment

asked by litu on 10 January 2013
sir i feel uneasy on left side of the brain high above the left ear.1 year back while... Read More
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Brain clots in diabetic patient.

asked by sweta.. on 17 August 2012
Good evening sir. My father has suffered from brain clotting since 5 months thus he also has... Read More

Brain blockage or clot

asked by rinkussm on 27 December 2011
before 7 days my mother in law bp reaches to 240 so she got 2 attack and get paralised now she... Read More

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