Child is 3.5 year old with digestive issue and speech delay

asked by Niksj786 on 12 May 2020
My child is 3.5 year old. He does potty once only in the morning but it is usually loose and... Read More

15 months baby with global development delays

asked by prabha_12345 on 11 June 2017
Hi Doctor, My child had started getting jerks after getting up from sleep during her 7th... Read More

Bramhi for language disorder

asked by Worried Mother on 11 March 2015
My daughter's age is 3.8 yrs. She has been diagnosed with speech delay where she can speak... Read More

Delay in periods

asked by mpy on 3 March 2014
my age is 24 and am a married female ..I have delay in period generally but this time i missed... Read More

Delay in periods

asked by xampp on 15 May 2013
I am 28 years old, unmarried girl. I am getting my periods about gap of 2 or 3 months. Because... Read More

Suspect metabolic disease for child

asked by Must on 2 April 2013
Patient's age-4 yrs. Gender-Male Complain- He is not able to sit by his own. He had too... Read More

Delay in Pregnancy

asked by crazy on 1 March 2013
I am female aged 29yrs old. past 3 yrs tryng to concieve, but not happening. We both consult... Read More


asked by kowsalya on 12 May 2011
Namasthae Panditji, I have urinary infection and my periods are delayed while I am on fertiliy... Read More


asked by kowsalya on 11 May 2011
Doctor I would like to know if the periods are delayed if we are under fertility medication and... Read More

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