Digestive problem

asked by Jitesh8c on 1 December 2017
I am a boy of 18 yrs old suffering from huge digestive problem, irregular bowel movements ... Read More

Blood in the Stool and Toileting after Meal

asked by manojdaibagya on 29 October 2017
I have to go long-toilet after morning-meal. The stool contains liquid portion more but... Read More

Problem for digestion & constepation

asked by ajaykk on 4 July 2017
sir,i am 25+yr & i am a boy , i have a problem for digestion,what i eat i can't digest... Read More

Bad Digestion

asked by Vikas5673 on 21 June 2017
I am 30 year old man having 5 foot 5 inch height.I am married.My digestion is not good. I eat... Read More

Weak digestion

asked by saifalikhan on 4 June 2017
sir i am facing weak digestion for last 2 yrs. i wake up in the morning having lots of gas and... Read More

Digestive system is not good from last 15 years

asked by Ferozgupta on 30 May 2017
I have a poor digestive system, i consult many doctors for the same but didnot got any positive... Read More

About digestion

asked by duke216 on 19 May 2017
I want to know which patanjali product will be best for digestion, I am 20 year old male. my... Read More

Indigestion, fatigue, and low energy

asked by jayz on 13 March 2017
Hi, I am male 25. Every morning I have diarreah for last 2 years. I struggle to properly digest... Read More

Milk allergy for 1 and half year baby

asked by kumarkamala on 8 February 2017
Age- 1 and half year, girl, milk allergy , nuts allergy, egg allergy, curd allergy, frequent... Read More

Digestion problem

asked by bhagyashreesaptaputre on 2 February 2017
age 39 female i am suffering from digestion problem from last 6 months. According to allopathy... Read More

Height and memory

asked by subramanyam on 4 November 2016
namaste guruji,my son 5 years old.he is not growing in height properly.please mention any... Read More

Diet while using livomap

asked by فادي on 3 September 2016
I'm 46 year, male, currently using livomap to improve my overall health, I always get... Read More

Hypotention and digestion

asked by sona singh on 14 July 2015
helo dr. im male of 20 years old and im suffering from hypotention and digestion from last three... Read More

Bhumiamla question

asked by Ametayur on 4 July 2015
Dear Dr.Roshina, I has suffered from Jaundice in 2010, and now also i have low appetite, and... Read More

Acidity and digestion problm

asked by nidhi bansal on 30 June 2015
Hello doc,my problm is related with husband..my husband is so,week...my husband suffering gas... Read More

Digestion problem

asked by murtaza on 21 June 2015
Hi i have this problem of going to the toilet min of 3 times in the morning and even then... Read More

Suffering hiatus hernia

asked by ishroo on 23 February 2015
Dear Doctor My name is ishru I m suffering hiatus hernia and hyper acidity and burning... Read More

Digestion Bowel

asked by Svetlana on 4 February 2015
Hello! My son is 28 years old. Please tell me how to normalize digestion on a background of... Read More

Acidity, gas and indigestion

asked by chan_dras on 26 January 2015
my name is chandra mailing from USA. My age is 37. I had been suffering from acidity, gas... Read More

Digesting Problem from Childhood

asked by colorz.amit on 19 September 2014
Dear Sir I am 24 years old and i am suffer from digestion problem from the age of 15 i have do... Read More
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