Child is 3.5 year old with digestive issue and speech delay

asked by Niksj786 on 12 May 2020
My child is 3.5 year old. He does potty once only in the morning but it is usually loose and... Read More

Stomach problem

asked by shubh12310 on 15 August 2016
whenever i eat something i feel i need to go to toilet and i feel very much weakness as well as... Read More

Inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract

asked by Svetlana on 24 January 2016
Namaste! Tell me, please, what to do? My son is 29 years old and gastrointestinal diseases with... Read More

Khana nahi pachta

asked by yovigihaare on 26 August 2014
sir mujhe 2 sal pehle typhoid hua tha tab se mujhe bar bar typhoid hota rehta h aur tabhi se... Read More

How to Heal

asked by Svetlana on 23 September 2013
Good day! Can you tell me how to get rid of chronic pancreatitis and colitis? I am 26 years old.... Read More


asked by labh2003 on 23 November 2011
suffering from chronic GERD and since last one year suffering from pacrititis. Chronic... Read More

Digestive disorder, constipation, bulimia

asked by sunflowerdc on 24 March 2011
I am 55 year old female who has suffered from bulimia for 30 years. I am better, but have... Read More

Tulsi for digestive system

asked by tulasi on 19 March 2010
How does tulsi helps in Digestive... Read More

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