Blocked fallopian tubes

asked by bindhu on 25 April 2018
I am 27..married 1 year ago..doctor removed muscular septum in uterus through laproscopy..find... Read More


asked by joyeeta bhattacharjee on 2 September 2017
Sir I am suffering from epilepsy since 2006. but unable to get cured in allopathy medicine.... Read More

Treatment for Epilepsy

asked by me12 on 15 May 2017
Gender-Female Age 23 i am suffering from epilepsy since long time. 1st seizure occurrence 2012... Read More

Cure epilepsy

asked by aniraj on 23 June 2016
I am suffering from epilepsy fits lasting for 2-3 seconds for the past 9 years . Now I am 23 yrs... Read More

Brain seizure

asked by Pawan65 on 19 May 2016
Sir. My 18 years old daughter got fits doctor said it is epilepsy. Can it be treated if I came... Read More

My daughter disease

asked by Ritik on 13 April 2016
She is 1and half year old. She is having infantile epilepsy since birth.her reports showed that... Read More

Epilepsy - Seizure

asked by yrchauhan on 12 April 2016
Dear Sir, My wife having epilepsy form last 7 years and comes seizure many times for 1 to 2... Read More

Is Mentat good for curing Epilepsy

asked by DT2000 on 5 November 2015
My son is 19 years old and has been getting seizures since he was 15. These are simple partial... Read More

Ayurvedic treatments

asked by Amar82 on 9 August 2015
I am 33 yr's male. I am suffering from epilapsy. I had first stroke when I was 8yrs old.In... Read More

Epilepsy cure

asked by Swati bhale on 7 August 2015
My son 13 yrs old is diagnosed with epilepsy an year ago. He is currently taking Levtam 250... Read More

Child Epilepsy Treatment

asked by luqmankhan999 on 3 August 2015
My child aged 14 is suffering Epilepsy (Mirgi) due to the problem created at the time of his... Read More

Epilepsy Herbal Treatment

asked by vsrao.b on 31 July 2015
My son is suffering from epilepsy since 2006. He is using ellopathy but it is not reduced. Is it... Read More

Epilepsy & Pregnancy

asked by Ashgau on 27 June 2015
My Wife is suffering from epilepsy and we are trying for pregnancy, can Divya Medha vati help us... Read More

EPILEPSY medicine in patanjali

asked by manoj1558 on 16 June 2015
my 13 year daughter is suffering from seziure since few month. during attack her eyes are opened... Read More

Epilepsy Ayurveda Treatment

asked by praveenc on 9 June 2015
Sir, I have been taking mazetol 200 MG 3 tablet for last 24 years and If I stop the medicine... Read More


asked by saswati on 26 February 2015
Respected Ramdev baba...my son 18 is suffering fro seizures..MRI report says may have right... Read More

40yrs female epilepsy 30yrs & tb 4month

asked by Ashok Singh on 22 December 2014
I am sarita singh suffering from 30yrs epilepsy & 4month tuberculosis age 40yrs treatment... Read More

Pranayams for eplilepsy and irregular menstruation

asked by promila on 17 October 2014
Sir, I have suffering from epilepsy from the age of 10 till now and at present also... Read More

Epilepsy Ayurvedic Treatment

asked by atifkit on 18 September 2014
Dear Baba I see your website and couple of video. I am living in Dubai and having epilepsy... Read More

Epilepsy last 8 yeara

asked by dablu on 8 September 2013
I am 30 years male. I am suffering from epilepsy. I had first stroke in the year 2005 two times... Read More
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