Hair Loss & Grey Hair Issue

asked by Shine2002 on 27 April 2018
Hi, I am 32 yrs old female. I am facing heavy hair-fall since I moved to Bangalore, went to... Read More
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Suffering from excessive hair thinning

asked by RP03 on 4 March 2018
My age is 32 yrs and I am suffering from hair loss mainly on the front side.The scalp is almost... Read More

Dandruff,hairfall,grey hair

asked by Anku2 on 5 February 2018
Hello sir my daughter is 8yrs old she is suffering frm lot of dandruff,itching ,her hair a... Read More
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Gray hair problem

asked by Veroniqua on 20 January 2018
Hello doctor,I'm 25yrs old. I have got many premature gray hairs. Can you please advise me... Read More
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White hair problem

asked by Srii on 13 January 2018
Sir my mother have surplous amount of grey hair can she get rid of that problem along with... Read More
1 reply  -  Grey, Hair

Hair Care Regimen

asked by Raziel on 9 July 2017
I am currently 22 years old and am unsure which patanjali shampoo to use for myself.I have an... Read More
1 reply  -  Hair

Heavy hair falling

asked by Shasi143 on 3 July 2017
Sir my age is 23/M I'm suffering last 3months frm heavy hair falling pls suggest... Read More
2 replies  -  Hair

Hypothyroid and hair loss

asked by Urvi on 6 June 2017
I am female,32 years,unmarried. I have been suffering frim hypothyroid since 10 years. I am... Read More

Baldness and gray hair problem

asked by avinash@25 on 24 April 2017
Hello sir, I am a 24 years old boy, unmarried I have been suffering from gray hair since 4 ... Read More

How to remove facial hair and want to conceive

asked by Priyanka aggarwal on 7 March 2017
I priya age 26 affected from facial hair from last 2 year having problem irregular period and... Read More

Appointment with Santhosh Guruji

asked by bhaskark.blr on 6 March 2017
Hi, Im bhaskar from Bangalore,I have hair fall issue, so i would like to meet Guruji. Please... Read More
2 replies  -  Hair

Critical hair loss

asked by Pranshuji on 22 January 2017
Hello my wife of age 30 after delivery of my second child suffering from critical hair loss and... Read More
1 reply  -  Hair

Excessive Hair fall

asked by Mudit__92 on 5 January 2017
Hi.. i am a 24 year old male suffering from excessive hair fall! Have seen a few videos of baba... Read More
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Hairfall and psoriasis and gasteritis

asked by kwadhwa40 on 25 December 2016
hello doctor, i am suffering from scalp psoriasis and too much rash on my groin area and chest... Read More

Amla hair oil

asked by zargaam on 4 December 2016
sir I use your patanjali amla oil since two months but their is no effect on my hair so how many... Read More
1 reply  -  Hair

Hair regrowth on bald head

asked by Niru123 on 6 October 2016
I 24 of the age I had loosen my hair due to hair fall I want to regrow my hair in the damage... Read More
1 reply  -  Hair

Huge hair loss

asked by sarat on 28 September 2016
Sir my wife suffering from hair fall since one month. She is 42 year's old. She is taking... Read More
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Hair thinning,oily scalp and dandruff

asked by sowmitra on 5 September 2016
I am 32, male and unmarried. I have an oily scalp. I am suffering from hair thinning seriously.... Read More

PCOS problems

asked by AgarN2 on 4 September 2016
Hello Sir, I am 34 married woman with 16 months old baby. I have complaint of irregular... Read More

Hair fall after delievery of baby

asked by Vrutika Patel on 30 August 2016
Dear Doctor i have 5 month old baby.i have severe hair fall since last month amd i have... Read More
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