Hair loss

Skin looks dull and dark

asked by Shubhamyes99 on 31 August 2016
Hello Sir, I am engineering student. I'm a boy and my age is 20 now.. my... Read More

Hairloss, turning bald

asked by abhi09 on 26 April 2016
Hello, I am 19,female,and have been suffering from hair loss for last 2 years. my hair is... Read More

Sever Hairloss after dengue, new hair growth is white

asked by khushisingh on 29 January 2016
Hello, I am a female, aged 26yrs & unmarried. I had dengue in Oct15 where platelets count... Read More

Hairloss,weight reduction issue

asked by anina on 5 December 2015
Hi I am Anitha from Bangalore aged 46 years lost lot of hair due to dieting but the weight... Read More

Hair loss in head

asked by sharath on 9 June 2015
Doctor, My name is sharth.i'm 22yrs old. Dr my hair is loosing continuously while combing... Read More

Depression by hair loss

asked by Vivek1 on 1 August 2013
Sir.mera hair pichale 3 salo se bahut gir rahe hai.mere khane me jabki pura poshticta puri rahth... Read More

Female pattern of hair loss

asked by mounii on 3 July 2013
age-22 gender-female complaint-hair loss family history-father has thin hair but not bald no... Read More

Hair Loss on head

asked by Mani_01 on 14 May 2013
Hi Sir, I am 24/M. When I was younger my hairs were very thick & good. But now I am... Read More

About hair loss

asked by pranit on 11 May 2013
i pranit and 21 years old,my hair was falling about 2 years and i tried homotheorpy, even... Read More

Weight loss and hair loss

asked by sushrita on 10 April 2013
Namaste swamiji, I am sushrita 26 of age.after my baby i put some weight and sever hair loss... Read More

Accidity and Fat and hair loss

asked by krishna587 on 26 March 2013
hi sir, I am working in software field. due to the work i will not follow the diet timings.... Read More

Hair loss & Psoriasis

asked by ajay1012 on 24 March 2013
Age 35 Male presently i am suffering from Psoriasis last 14 years and Hair loss, Hair colour... Read More

Irregular periods n hair loss

asked by Preeti kukreja on 28 January 2013
Namaste m 26 from 21 m seffring from irregular periods and loss my hairs also n having facial... Read More

Hair loss due to medicine

asked by sania on 19 December 2012
hello m sania m suffering from tuberculosis & due to heavy antibiotic or what i lost almost... Read More

Hair Loss Treatment

asked by dhananjay on 26 October 2012
Dear sir, My son who is twenty years old is facing hair loss problem after he joined gym and... Read More

Hair loss and dandruff

asked by gourav on 23 October 2012
i am 23 and i am experiencing mild hair loss in my forehead area and dandruff problem in past... Read More

Heavy Hair Loss and thinning

asked by livelifehappily on 6 October 2012
Hello Doctor, I am 29 yr old (male) and am suffering from heavy hair fall after coming to USA. I... Read More

Hair loss min more than 100 per day

asked by dditsa on 1 September 2012
I am a girl of age 30 in Gurgaon.From last one year I have an hair loss and the hair loss per... Read More

Acne hair loss for may years

asked by wajid on 30 April 2012
my son is suffering from acne and hair loss from last five yrs he is only in his twenty he is... Read More
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